Why is surgery in Charlotte NC better than using injectables?

Facelift surgery has been around for decades, and although noninvasive procedures like dermal fillers are increasing in popularity, they are still falling short for desired results. Add to this, and patients require repeated sessions to maintain the looks they desire.

The standard procedure is still a facelift, although the degree of the extent of this has changed. Read on to learn more about the differences, and you can see which direction will be better for you.

Fillers don’t stop the aging process

You can have fillers to replace lost fat and tissue structure in the lips or cheeks; however, they do nothing for tightening the skin. It is this process under the hands of Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon Dr. Freeman that delivers the best results.

It is also one reason why he doesn’t do fillers because he knows it isn’t the best solution and is more of a quick fix. Plastic surgeons won’t become double board-certified if all they do is offer injections as their solution.

A younger you with facelift surgery in Charlotte NC 

It doesn’t matter which kind of facelift procedure you have, and these can iron out the deep wrinkles on the face. Loose skin is also attended to, and this will be removed. It is for this reason; these results can last up to ten years.

Dr. Freeman will be sure to make incisions where they won’t be seen. He carries out a thorough examination to check where the skin sags and is the loosest. He then comes up with his plan of action and discusses this in-depth with his patient.

Fillers, on the other hand, can be overdone. Once this happens, patients can be left with overblown lips or cheeks that have a lumpy appearance.

Fillers are not the cheap option in the end

Many facial plastic surgeons in the Charlotte NC region market their services of fillers. They will say these are a more affordable option for facelift surgery. For a one-off procedure, they will be cheaper, yet when you need several more to maintain your looks, this quickly surpasses the costs of a facelift.

Visiting your plastic surgery every twelve months for a touch up will cost more, and the results may not be as effective as when you first start with the treatment.

Finding the best option in Charlotte NC

Any possible candidate for plastic surgery who has an initial consultation with Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and are expecting fillers as the answer. They will be upset to find this isn’t one of the services.

However, after speaking to Dr. Freeman, they may find his solution is partial facelift surgery. With his techniques, he can deliver outstanding results without the need to carry out a full deep plane facelift.

 Contact Dr. Freeman today, and you can quickly find the best route for you to take. You may also learn how you end up saving money by choosing the best solution.