Patient 6454Why is facial plastic surgery in Charlotte NC better than fillers?

Deep plane facelift surgical procedures are still the highest standard when it comes to delivering the best results from your local facial plastic surgeon. Although fillers are increasing in popularity, they fall short in delivering results that slow down the effects of aging.

The results from fillers in some people can deliver an unnatural appearance, and they don’t last as long. If you are weighing up fillers or a facelift, read on for more reasons to opt for facial plastic surgery.

A deep plane facelift is better at fighting the effects aging

Dr. Freeman is Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon. He is against using fillers because they do little to combat the signs of aging. Fillers can’t replace fat that has been lost in cheeks or the lip areas, and they are unable to do anything for tightening the skin.

In a deep plane facelift, all these areas can be addressed, so any loose skin or fat deposits can be attended to. Facelifts tighten the skin, which is ideal for older women, where fillers are only able to do so much.

You get the most experienced facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC

When you have a deep plane facelift, you have years of experience and judgement from a top facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Freeman is double board certified, and has devoted his career to facial plastic surgical procedures.

Any incisions will be carefully hidden, while he knows where to place the skin and tissues to deliver the most natural looking results. Fillers on the other hand can be easy to overdo, and rather than delivering a youthful appearance, they can make a patient start to take on a bloated appearance.

Deep plane facelift will save money in the long-term

Many patients opt for fillers because of their cost compared to having their facial plastic surgery in Charlotte NC. However, this is a false economy. It takes years of repeated injections to maintain the appearance, and over time, this may not stay the same or improve.

You can find you need injections a couple of times per year. A deep plane facelift can deliver results, which will last many years, without any touch ups being required.

One stop shop for facial plastic surgery in Charlotte NC

Fillers do need constant sessions to maintain their appearance. Once you see how long your deep plane facelift will last, you can quickly count the long-term cost of using fillers.

If you want to know more reasons why facial plastic surgery is the better overall options, you can schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Freeman at Only Faces. He can guide you in the right direction and explain what youthful appearance you can expect to receive. He is Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon, so he does understand what patients want, and how to deliver the best results.