Patient 6759Why are men turning to plastic surgery?

Rhinoplasty and other facial cosmetic surgery is often looked at as something for middle-aged women. This is their way of regaining a youthful look. However, things are changing and so is the demographic of individuals who are seeking facial plastic surgery with Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.

According to polls taken over 30% of men said, they would consider undergoing cosmetic surgery. Out of those males, about 58% were aged 25 to 34, and about 35% were aged 18 to 24. This suggests the majority of these men who are interested in facial cosmetic surgery are millennial men. This may sound surprising, but the motivations are straightforward.

What are the top reasons men want rhinoplasty surgery in Charlotte NC?

There are quite a few reasons men are turning to rhinoplasty and other procedures. Here are the top reasons as quoted by the majority of patients.

  • Raising self-confidence was the #1 reason why younger males sought to undergo any procedures, including surgical options. The men feel that having such a procedure will make them feel happier with their appearance.
  • The primary motivation for men between the ages of 25 and 34 was to stay competitive within the workforce when they thought looking younger would give employers the impression that they are good prospects for new positions or promotions.
  • Reducing the look of fatigue and stresses is another commonality; most of these men stated long-hours of work and busier lifestyles leave them appearing older than they are.
  • Pleasing partners was the most uncommon motive given by millennial males to have cosmetic procedures, yet men aged 25-34 frequently asserted they wanted these procedures to increase their odds of meeting a partner.
  • Nearly 25% of males between the ages of 18 and 24 cited different motives. However, facial plastic surgeons in Charlotte NC speculate these males are being influenced by social media for their decision to meet Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon.

What are the most asked for procedures in plastic surgery?

Although there are a couple of other procedures, men ask for around their bodies. They only come to Charlotte NC to seek facial surgical procedures with Dr. Freeman. He is double board certified and has spent countless years dedicated to this form of plastic surgery.

Men request very similar procedures as women do and can include the two most common.

  • Rhinoplasty is the number one procedure among millennial men. This falls in line with the number of procedures that women undergo.
  • Otoplasty pins back the ears to make them sit along the side of the head more. This is actually more common in men than it is in females.

Social acceptance of facial plastic surgery in Charlotte NC

The major influence that leads millennial men to plastic surgeons’ offices may be the widespread change of attitudes to rhinoplasty or other procedures. This is driving males who wish to feel good in themselves, stay competitive in the workforce, and even seek (or retain) partners to contemplate cosmetic surgery which they may not have contemplated a few years ago.

If you fit into any of the above, or you are considering any facial plastic surgery, you can easily contact Only Faces and Dr. Freeman who is readily available to discuss any procedure that may be right for you.