What is a virtual consult in Charlotte, NC?

Usually, your facial plastic surgery consultation will be conducted in the offices of Dr. Freeman in the Only Faces clinic.

However, for the health of everyone with the current situation, he now sidesteps the face-to-face meeting and carries out the informal interviews as a virtual consultation.

Even this can be beneficial and can save you lots of time instead of traveling to the office. You still answer the same and ask the same, so it is better and safer for both parties. You will always find the answers to the three main questions:

  • Is facial plastic surgery right for me?
  • Which is the procedure I need?
  • Am I comfortable with Dr. Freeman conducting my surgery?

A face-to-face consultation could last a couple of hours, but now there won’t be a physical examination at this early stage

What will Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon ask or answer?

When answering questions, be thorough, and above all, honest regarding your medical history. You will have to declare all past or current medications, supplements, or if you are a recreational drug user. Drinking or using tobacco products is included.

It may feel strange talking across the internet to double board-certified Dr. Freeman, and he will go through lots of things to understand your concerns.

  • What you want to change about your face, and why.
  • Your goals: The way you wish to look and feel after surgery.
  • Which facial plastic surgery procedure you think will help you achieve your goals
  • The things that you will experience during the surgery, such as anesthesia, incisions, and recovery period.
  • What risks and complications may occur during the surgery?

Many patients find out they are not suitable at this point; the most reason being they won’t stop smoking.

Other questions to ask the best facial plastic surgeon 

You should also ask questions about the procedure, credentials, and experience. Here’s a sample to ask Dr. Freeman in Charlotte, NC

  • How long have you been performing facial plastic surgery?
  • How often do you perform the procedure you are having?
  • Are there other options, and what results could I expect?

Finding the best Charlotte, NC facial plastic surgeon

One of the most significant advantages of virtual consultations is that you are under less obligation than if you are face-to-face.

Facial plastic surgery is a severe operation, and now you will have more time to think about it without the pressure. If you have not already spoken, contact Dr. Freeman of Only Faces, arrange your virtual consultation. With all of the above, you have a lot of things to ask, and what he will ask you.

One thing you will know is that you have Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon at Only Faces sitting in the virtual consultation with you.