Do you know there is not just one facelift procedure?

Facelift surgery in Charlotte NC can be sought quicker than you think. However, it can be harder for individuals to know when the right time is to undergo a facelift.

More people are choosing injectables, yet these wear off after time. They also mask the real effects of aging. Here is information what you can look for to help you decide if you need the assistance of Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.

The course of nonsurgical treatment doesn’t deliver the results you want

Many use fillers and Botox, yet the lines and wrinkles keep coming back and they are looking deeper than ever. These are never intended to be a long-term solution, and at best, you may only see benefits for a few months.

It doesn’t take long before people wish they had searched for their local Charlotte NC facelift surgery rather than wasting money on injections.

You have a square face shape and jowls

Sagging or falling in the lower portion of the face can result in the loss of definition along the jaw line. The face appears squarer than oval or v-shaped. A facelift surgery may be the most effective way to address this, and this is one of the more common worries that drives people to undergo facial plastic surgery.

While facelifts from the past centered on superficial skin tightening, the present facelifts address the form of the face at a more in-depth level by tightening and re positioning the underlying tissues.

Your looks no longer reflect your inner youthfulness

You may be looking in the mirror and feeling as if you do not recognize the person who is looking at you, or feeling like what you see does not correspond to what you feel.

If such a disconnection causes significant frustration or uncertainty, this is a sign a facelift surgery can improve your life. Do not forget that the objective of a facelift is neither to change your appearance nor to go back dozens of years, but merely to assist you in looking like the very best version of you right now.

Finding the right facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC

If you are inquisitive about seeking the assistance of a facelift surgery, you can find there are different facelift procedures that can be the right solutions for you. Finding out the right information is the first step. To be sure, you have the best advice; contact Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Freeman. He is available to schedule initial consultations and discuss all the various treatment options. Any person seeking a facelift rather than short-term injections will be safe because Dr. Freeman is double board-certified and has dedicated himself to being the most successful facelift surgery.