Can a blepharoplasty procedure be needed for medical reasons?

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure, in Charlotte NC, that will help correct drooping eyelids. The goal of the procedure, in many cases, is to restore a more youthful look in a patient’s face by removing any excess skin and fat while also repositioning muscles. After the procedure is complete, your face will look rested, friendlier, and also more alert.

Other than the cosmetic benefits of an eyelid procedure, there are many cases where eyelid surgery will be necessary for medical reasons. For example, your vision may be obscured due to a laxity in the upper eyelid that is hanging over your eyes. This is medically known as ptosis, and this drooping muscle and skin can result in significant problems during your day-to-day activities.

What is blepharoplasty?

As there are two lids for each eye, a blepharoplasty is a procedure that is made with two separate parts. You can either have a lower eyelid lift or an upper eyelid lift.

Drooping eyelids that may be causing deep wrinkles in the corners of the eyes or obstructing your vision will have an upper blepharoplasty.

Alternatively, a lower blepharoplasty procedure reduces the appearance of sunken eyes and puffiness.

It is most common to have patients over the age of 35 to undergo this procedure. However, it can be done to younger patients that demonstrate an impairment to their vision from their eyelids.

When is the procedure medically necessary?

A patient’s symptoms will be the most critical factor when determining if a blepharoplasty procedure will be medically necessary. Most often, a patient will already know whether or not their eyelids are causing any problems with their daily activities, such as driving, reading, or causing headaches or eye strain.

There are also findings that a doctor will note, including visual field testing and eyelid measurements. Other situations include:

Rashes and skin irritation: Painful irritation or chafing can occur when excess skin on the eyelids can rub against one another. Rashes or infections can also occur due to sweat building up in the folds of the skin. Not only will an eyelid procedure give patients a youthful appearance to the eye area, but it will also relieve any physical discomfort that is caused by any irritation. A blepharoplasty procedure may be necessary if you are experiencing frequent infections or rashes in the eye area due to any loose skin in your eyelids.

Blepharospasm: This is a condition that causes the ocular muscles that are responsible for closing your eyes to spasm and twitch. Sometimes this can cause the eyelids not to open voluntarily. Constant spasms to the eyelids can cause a lot of distress to a patient, especially if it becomes severe enough to become functionally blind from not being able to open their eyelids to see.

Most blepharoplasty surgeries are not covered by insurance. Check with your top facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Sean Freeman, for more information on this.

Top Charlotte facial plastic surgeon for your blepharoplasty

A blepharoplasty procedure may be suitable for anyone who is suffering from any of these conditions. Only a doctor will be able to provide you with an official diagnosis and determine whether surgery will be necessary.

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