Can I learn from the first meeting?

Right in the beginning, you have a facial plastic surgery consultation; in this interview, you will come to learn nearly everything regarding the operation.

This is a crucial time when you can see the possibilities of operation and what it can do for you. This is an open discussion in which you will answer three questions:

  • Is facial plastic surgery right for me?
  • Which procedures will be involved?
  • Do I feel comfortable with the surgeon?

Read on for more about what happens in these meetings and the steps toward facial plastic surgery.

Visiting a Charlotte NC plastic surgery clinic

You may have received paperwork to fill in previously, or you can do it in the office. It may appear tedious, yet it saves time when you are speaking to your surgeon. You do need to be thorough and honest about your medical history. Declare all medications, supplements, or drugs you are using, even if merely alcohol and tobacco products.

Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will ask questions

Now it’s time to meet Dr. Freeman, the double board-certified surgeon who will perform your procedure. At this stage, you can talk about:

  • The reasoning for surgery and what you want to change
  • How you want to look like and feel after surgery
  • Which procedure you think you need
  • What will happen during surgery? Anesthesia, incisions, and recovery
  • Risks and complications

Dr. Freeman has told many patients he can’t help with facial plastic surgery at this stage when they try to avoid telling him something.

Charlotte NC surgeon will examine the area of concern

Dr. Freeman will give you a clue as to what he predicts. His examinations will include measurements and photographs.

He has carried out many treatments since 1988, and his insight and skills are well known, where he has developed many different procedures now used by other surgeons.

Pricing of facial plastic surgery

When you realize that you’re appropriate, and Dr. Freeman can help. There will be some discussion about the fee for the operation.  Check that your quote includes all the costs you will encounter.

  1. Surgeon’s fees
  2. Operating room costs
  3. Anesthesia fees
  4. Follow-up appointments

Proceeding with the best Charlotte NC plastic surgeon

Don’t feel obligated to decide if you’re uncertain about your facial plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is a significant affair, so you have to go home and think about it. If you haven’t spoken to Dr. Freeman yet, you can contact Only Faces and make an appointment for an initial consultation.

With all the above, you have plenty to think about, and what will be discussed. One thing you will know, you have Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon sat in the consultation with you.