patient5995Why would I choose plastic surgery in Charlotte NC?

Eyelift surgery can be performed for aesthetic or health reasons. Are you often told you seem tired? Do you feel heavy on your eyelids when not sleepy? This is common for patients who are considering cosmetic surgery called blepharoplasty, or eyelift surgery. With the signs of aging, almost no other body part will betray our years of advance like our eyes do.

With all types cosmetic surgery, it is important to consider all facts before scheduling your procedure. These are just a few of the most fundamental things to know before choosing eyelid surgery.

Your plastic surgeon can make or break the result

Whilst there are certainly dozens if not more surgeons who can perform blepharoplasty, it is highly unlikely they will all have the same qualifications, skills and knowledge. Dr. Freeman is double board certified and has developed countless facial plastic surgery procedures.

As the results from your procedure are dependent on your surgeon’s ability, it is strongly recommended you use Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon as your first choice.

Men have eyelift surgery as well as women in Charlotte NC

Cosmetic surgery is still considered to be a female activity. However, there is no compelling reason that men cannot reap the benefits of the many surgical procedures, including blepharoplasty, themselves. All of these surgeries are performed in a compassionate way, which guarantees that you will retain and enhance your physical features and not change them.

Endoscopic brow lifts may be combined with these procedures

In some people, there may be a need to do this eyelift surgery along with a brow lift to gain the best results. This can be the case if candidates have a heavy brow and eyelid surgery alone will not deliver the ideal results.

Dr. Freeman will make many recommendations during consultations to make sure the ideal results are obtained.

Transformations from eyelift surgical procedures are not immediate

Expectations can leave patients disheartened. They want immediate results yet the full transformation may not be realized until around 6 months has passed. For the first few weeks, there can still be swelling and bruising, so it will be nearly impossible to see what the final result will be.

Many patients also need to leave off the makeup for quite a while after these eye lift surgery procedures, this allows for a quicker healing time without complications.

Finding the best Charlotte NC plastic surgeon

Because this kind of plastic surgery needs some finesse from the surgeon to obtain the desired results, it is recommended to head to Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon. It is easy to contact Dr. Freeman for your initial consultation.

He can deliver a thorough examination to find if eyelift surgery is the correct procedure, and explain the best ways you can knock years off your appearance and how to obtain the fastest recovery time possible.