Patient 5398What do I need to know before facial plastic surgery?

The best facial plastic surgeon will have the skills to perform many procedures. Not everyone is suitable and there are some general rules to follow before doing so. You need to make sure that the plastic surgeon from Charlotte, NC, who will perform the procedure, has experience, and a proven record of accomplishment.

Dr. Freeman is double card certified and has created several new procedures. He has many references for facial plastic surgery. Here are some procedures he does and what he aims to achieve.

Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon performs lip surgery

There is plenty of negative media attention for lip enhancement surgery.

You can see many stars who show they have serious problems when this goes wrong.

It can be disturbing, but when you make sure your facial cosmetic surgeon knows what he is doing, then it can make things less traumatic.

Dr. Freeman of ‘Only Faces’ is the most experienced facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC. If not across the country, he has double board certification, so he has proven himself repeatedly.

Lips apart from the eyes are the most animated parts of the face.

Although small, delicate changes can make a vast difference, there should be no need for the best facial plastic surgeon to go too far. If the surgeon doesn’t refrain from going too far, they will produce results that are not realistic.

Lower facial plastic surgery procedures in Charlotte NC

Implant surgery of the chin and cheek is a daily cosmetic surgery procedure.

Cheekbones are strong and when a little alters them, they can become well defined. We see these defined cheekbones as being attractive on both men and women. When the best facial plastic surgeon fits cheek implants, they correct asymmetry in the facial structure. This makes it such a popular facial plastic surgical procedure.

Weak chin lines gives make the nose have a more prominent appearance. While you may think, you need a nose job, this won’t correct the appearance, and it may still look the same as the strength lies in the chin.Sometimes, there may not be implants that match your face, the Charlotte NC plastic surgeon will custom cut the bone to make insertion possible.

I am ready for my Charlotte NC plastic surgery, what do I do now?

The most intimidating part of plastic surgery is the decision to have it performed. Any plastic surgery procedure does take some considerable thought

If you are thinking of doing so, it is easy to consult Dr. Freeman of Only Faces because he is Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon, and as a result, any potential patient will know they are in the most experienced hands for any procedure.

Facial plastic surgery has been his specialty since 1988. Therefore, if you need to book your consultation, it is easy to contact Dr. Freeman, and you will see, it makes sense to see the best person for the job.