Looking for a Charlotte NC rhinoplasty surgeon

A nose job surgeon may also perform many other facial plastic surgery procedures, so searching for a particular type of plastic surgeon may make your searching more difficult.

You can browse the Internet and see plenty of plastic surgeons for you to select from. However, the problem is knowing which the best is, and which ones you shouldn’t bother to contact.

Here are some tips on what to look for in your facial plastic surgeon. At a minimum, these are just the basic things you need to look for.

Find the best nose job surgeon and facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC

Charlotte NC rhinoplasty surgeons should have proof

One of the best ways to find out the credentials of your nose job surgeon is that they are certified. Board certification is the number one thing to check when looking for a rhinoplasty specialist, or a surgeon who is qualified to perform any other facial surgery.

Such certifications prove the plastic surgeon is certified to very high standards, has extensive real-life experience, and can display his or her results through innumerable before and after photos.

A good example is Dr. Freeman, which has numerous before and after photos showing great results. He is board-certified, but not only once. He is double board-certified and is considered Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.

A nose job surgeon must hold in-depth consultations

During this stage, your surgeon will want to learn a significant amount of your medical background and reasons you are seeking surgery. With an initial consultation in Charlotte NC, this is the first meeting with your facial plastic surgeon.

You should undergo a comprehensive examination so that your surgeon understands your facial structure, and by this time, they will already be figuring out as to what they can do.


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Building a relationship with your Charlotte NC facial plastic surgeon

You also need to have a close relationship with your nose job surgeon. If you are too business-like, you will not feel comfortable, and you are unlikely to be in a position of trust. If you are unable to trust your rhinoplasty specialist during this stage, then there’s absolutely no way for you to trust them to do any surgery on your face.

Dr. Freeman has extensive consultations and will make certain you are a suitable candidate for any procedures being performed. If you are fit, and are able to follow his guidelines before and after any surgical procedure, you are in a good place to start. A major criterion is that patients do not smoke or drink during the period prior to a procedure.

Taking the next step with my Charlotte NC plastic surgeon

When you have your list of things to look for, you will find Dr. Freeman checks all the boxes. Being double board-certified and having endless before and after photos, his results speak for themselves. Not just this, but as Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon, he develops plastic surgery procedures that revolutionize the cosmetic surgery industry. To see if you’re on the correct path, you can contact Dr. Freeman at Only Faces and reserve your spot for that critical initial consultation. From that moment on, you’ll have the best nose job surgeon to care for you.