Patient case 6112Why is there a difference between certain times of the year?

Facelift surgery may seem one of those things, which can be done at any time, and in some cases it can, however, different times of the year can actually have an impact on the results anyone having facial plastic surgery in Charlotte NC is having.

When you choose the right season for your surgery, you will see better results, and you can have a faster recovery period. If you are considering any facial plastic surgery, read on to see how the different times of the year can have an impact.

Winter is the best for facelift surgery in Charlotte NC

It may sound strange that winter is the best time for plastic surgery, however, with the colder weather around, you will be less inclined to venture outside. This means you will remain indoors where you can rest more and you don’t need to fend off the harsh sun.

With this being said, you should still wear sunscreen if you do go outside for added protection. Another area, which makes winter the best time for you to visit your local facial plastic surgeon, is that you can wear layers, which will hide your bandages somewhat. Once the warmer weather finally arrives, you will be fully healed with your new look.

Springtime is the next best time to visit Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon

If you go for your facelift surgery in Charlotte NC spring time, then you have chosen the second best season. However, you should know that warmer weather can arrive early, and you may be tempted to venture outside. If you have just recently had your facial plastic surgery, you will need to remain covered up until you have fully healed.

It does give you a chance to lose that extra little weight before the summer arrives, so you will be looking your best before it is time to let the world see the new you.

Facelift surgery in Charlotte NC during the summer isn’t recommended

Most people takes vacations in the summer, so it may be the only time you can see your local double board certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Freeman. He will advise that you should remain inside with cool air conditioning on if possible.

The summer sun and heat doesn’t help with healing of any facelift surgery in Charlotte NC, it can increase swelling and make the healing process much longer.

The fall can be a good option for Charlotte NC facial plastic surgery

There are some advantages of having facelift surgery in the fall. The weather can be cooler toward the tail end, and you will be wearing thicker clothing for protection when outdoors. You can recover and be used to your new facial appearance well before the Christmas holidays come around.

If you want to begin the process, then from now is the best time to begin speaking to your plastic surgeon about facelift surgery. It gives times for your consultation and to make sure you meet all the criteria.

To find out more, contact Dr. Freeman of Only faces, he is double board certified, and Charlotte’s most experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon. You will quickly find he is the best person to advise at what time you should be looking to have your facial plastic surgery.