Answers to the question, “What is otoplasty?”

The most experienced facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte answers the question, What is otoplasty?
Many of our patients want to exactly what is otoplasty? In short, it is surgery to set ears closer to the head, or to reduce large ears. This surgery can be performed on both children and adults who are particularly self-conscious about their protruding or oversized ears. Ears are nearly fully grown by age 4, so the earlier the procedure is performed, the less teasing a child may have to endure. There are also many adult patients make ear changes in conjunction with a facelift. Many of them have been able to hide their ears with a hair style, but are now willing to make this change while combining it with another procedure.

The procedure
Otoplasty is an outpatient procedure. Incisions are made behind and around the ears where there are no visible scars. Protruding ears may be rotated back, or natural folds can be created from tissues taken from other parts of the ear or body. Ears that have been injured can be re-sculpted. After surgery, patients will be required to wear a pressure dressing that is placed over the ears to hold them in place while they heal.

After the surgery
Most patients tolerate the surgery very well. There is minimal discomfort after surgery. Post-operative pain or bruising can be relieved with medication and cold compresses. The surgical area may be sensitive for about three weeks. Some patients also experience numbness, with normal sensation returning over two to three months. The surgery is exceptionally well tolerated by children.

Otoplasty in Charlotte, NC
Dr. Freeman specializes in faces only. As Charlotte’s most experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Freeman has refined existing techniques and created new ones. Many of his techniques have been adopted by surgeons across the country. Dr. Freeman’s patients enjoy the benefit of individualized treatment plans, and techniques that are a little more refined. Every patient is carefully assessed, to determine what they want changed, and what procedures would give them the best possible results. If you choose Dr. Freeman for otoplasty, you will be provided with complete and simple instructions to follow before and after surgery in order to ensure that you experience a comfortable recovery. Dr. Freeman has satisfied patients all over North Carolina and from throughout the Southeast. Call the office and ask them to explain, “What is otoplasty?”