Patient 6439What are brow lift surgery benefits?

Brow lift surgery is one of the easiest ways of combating the signs of aging. When facial tissue sags, because of skin and facial muscle around the eyes weakening, they lose their position. Additionally, when wrinkles on the forehead appear and fall over the eyelids, these can be removed.

Read on and see how eyebrow lift surgery from Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon helps restore a youthful appearance.

What are the benefits of upper eyelid surgery in Charlotte NC?

Along with feeling elderly and fatigued, drooping of the brow can mask some of your view. This is unattractive and discouraging. Because of this, you can have speedy brow lift surgery to get all the benefits it will deliver

The most common benefits a brow lift can deliver are:

  • It enhances self-confidence
  • It will resolve your vision impairments
  • You can keep a natural style of eyebrow line
  • It will restore your youthful appearance
  • It tightens forehead and brows to reduce wrinkles to deliver a smooth complexion.

What are the steps in having an eyebrow lift in Charlotte NC?

Dr. Freeman has devoted many developing and refining his techniques for his brow lift surgery. He has the best engagement to all his patients and is double board certified. He constantly stands at the fore of facial plastic surgery.

Brief steps of brow lift surgery are:

  • Lightlyraisingthe outlying edges of the eyebrows
  • removing excess skin to eliminate undesirable wrinkles
  • Making small lacerations above the orbital area to protect the natural curve in the patient’s eyebrows
  • They perform all cuts inside the hairline to obscure any scarring
  • The facial unity remains unharmed even when surplus skin is detached

Am I suitable to have brow lift surgery?

Only highly experienced specialists like Dr. Freeman can reveal if a subject is, or isn’t applicable for such a procedure. It may appear straightforward, but for the plastic surgeon, there is an abundance of things they need to consider.

Dr. Freeman always holds an introductory examination where he will describe the operation, and request answers to some uncomplicated questions.

  • Do you have realistic goals for your new aesthetic appearance?
  • Are you in good health and have no medical conditions?
  • Do you smoke, or can you stop smoking for the period Dr. Freeman says?

Can the most experienced plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC help me?

As you can see, although a patient may be desperate for this procedure, not all are suitable. It can be that there is some complication in performing the brow lift, or the patient’s life style or medical history makes them unsuitable.

If there is any person who can help with a brow lift surgery, it is Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. However, he will never perform these or any other surgical procedures if a patient isn’t suitable.

To conduct your initial consultation, you can contact Dr. Freeman at ‘Only Faces’ and he will deliver his opinion and expectations of this procedure if you find you are a suitable candidate.