Patient 6729What actually is a soof lift?

SOOF lift procedures differ from other blepharoplasty or lower eyelid surgery. Signs of aging you see around your eyes are the formation of the crow’s feet. This is the sinking of small fat deposits below the eyelids; they call this suborbic oculi fat (or SOOF).

This deposit seeps into the upper areas of the cheeks in the facial layer, which maintains its position. As a result, the eye looks wider than usual, and a small swollen area develops below it. If you want to see how SOOF Lift can help you, read on, and you will find all the answers.

Is Soof lift surgery in Charlotte NC better for me?

In soof lift procedures, the facial plastic surgeon removes the suborbicularis oculi fat deposits. He will then tighten the face layer to remain in position. This takes higher skill levels, but as Dr. Freeman was the creator of this procedure, he knows how to deliver a more natural appearance.

The chances of this procure over others is the success rates are far higher.Dr. Freeman has double board certification and remains at the forefront of performing successful SOOF operational procedures. Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon knows exactly what to do to deliver striking results.

When should I have soof lift surgery?

Soof procedures like other forms of facial plastic surgery are best done during colder periods.

During these times, there is less chance for recovering patients to want to venture outside, as it is easier to keep your incisions out of sunlight.

Excessive sun exposure can cause visible scarring, so staying away from this is advisable. Recovery periods for soof lift procedures is one to two weeks.  They remove stitches at around the first five days. Dr. Freeman makes a point of pointing out that all patients need to refrain from drinking or smoking before, during or after any soof lift procedure.

Is a soof lift procedure in Charlotte NC right for you?

Because Dr. Freeman is Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon, he knows what goes into all facial plastic surgery procedures. He has spent countless years performing techniques, and creating many others that are now used across the country.

From an initial consultation, and possible candidate can find out if they are suitable for this procedure, or there is an alternative. Dr. Freeman will conduct a thorough examination to make sure a soof lift is required or the aging comes from another area. He is the best person to dictate this, and his dedicated approach means all his patients see the best results.

If you wish to know more, or you want to arrange your initial consultation, contact Dr. Freeman and he will be happy to go through the first steps with you.