Patient 6690Do I need a full facelift?

Facelift operations can solve some problems and is proven and demonstrated over the years by Dr. Freeman. Because of the need and difference in patients, he developed his own Signature Lift.

These are suited for younger generations where a complete facelift may not be needed.

However, they can be suitable for those patients who don’t want to go for full cosmetic surgery in one go. If you have, questions about facial cosmetic surgery or you want to know more of the less invasive signature lift. Read on and you will find how Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon can solve all your concerns using any of the techniques.

What happens in a signature lift?

A signature lift leaves patients with less downtime. Swelling and bruising are not as visible, however sutures still remain visible for around 5 or 6 days. They can do this under sedation instead of the need to be completely anesthetized.

With this facial plastic surgery, a more youthful expression can be achieved without the discomfort of a full facelift. Areas, which will be rectified, are the stretching and lifting of the neck, and this reduces the sagging skin and wrinkles. With a signature lift, patients often return to their regular tasks in about 4 days, so it halves the time of recovery.

What happens in a Charlotte NC facelift?

When Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon performs this kind of facial plastic surgery, they raise the skin and sometimes the underlying layers of fat and muscle. They move this to a position, which delivers a more youthful position. To summarize what can result from any plastic surgery procedure in Charlotte NC:

  • Giving youthful-looking chin and neck contours.
  • Restoring facial elasticity and muscle tone.
  • Removing thick lines and wrinkles present in lower and central parts of the face
  • Eliminating tired facial expressions.
  • Getting rid of excess skin that sinks to the lower parts of the face.

This facelift surgery gives great results. It is easy to see why facelifts are viable options. Patients can take about 10 days to recover with the bruising and swelling before returning to regular duties.

Is a signature lift the right plastic surgery for you in Charlotte NC?

Dr. Freeman is always available for the first consultation. He will review everything related to the procedure, and verify the elasticity, thickness and texture of your skin. He checks the depth and condition of wrinkles, and even the optimal place for the incisions that would be made during surgery.

Patients are safe with Dr. Freeman, who has double board certification. He was the creator of the signature lift surgery, and as a result, he has countless thankful customers. If you are, sure this is the right thing for you or if you want a second opinion, contact Dr. Freeman at Only Faces. He is more than accommodating to go through all you need to know.