Aging can cause wrinkles and sagging skin

Brow lift is a procedure that can help Charlotte, NC residents combat signs of aging. As we grow older our skin starts to lose its elasticity and may develop fat deposits on the face. This can lead to wrinkles across the forehead and around the eyes that leave us looking tired and older than your years. It can also cause drooping skin which can make eyelids heavy and leave your face looking rather saggy. 

Thankfully, a brow lift can help. Below, you’ll learn what a brow lift is and what you can expect after surgery. 

Q. What is a brow lift?

A. A brow lift is a procedure in which a facial plastic surgeon lifts your brow back to its proper place. This eliminates wrinkles and sagging skin in the eyes and brow area. 

Q. Where will my incision be?

A. There are multiple techniques your surgeon can use to perform your brow lift. Which one they use will be determined after taking a look at your needs, your skins texture and thickness, and your age. Endoscopic brow lifts are less invasive and use a long, thin tube, called an endoscope, to allow your surgeon to see inside without making a large incision. 

Q. How does it work?

A. When you have a brow lift, the surgeon will go in and reposition the skin, so your brow is back in it’s normal position. Dr. Sean Freeman at OnlyFaces takes the way you age into consideration when repositioning your skin to ensure you aren’t left with an overly worked on look. 

While they are repositioning your skin, your doctor will also remove any excess fat you have in your face. 

Q. How long will it take to recover from a brow lift?

A. Most people can return to normal activities in about ten days. But, it’s important to follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully during your recovery 

Right after surgery you’ll experience swelling, bruising, and some pain. Use pain killers as directed by your surgeon and be sure to keep your head elevated for a few days after surgery to fight the swelling. You may also be directed to apply ice to the area. 

You will need to refrain from brushing or washing your hair until the incisions are healed as well. Be sure to ask your surgeon if you have any questions about recovering from a brow lift. 

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