Patient 5891 Before And AfterWhat will I experience before a nose surgery procedure?

Rhinoplasty surgeons might be better known as nose job surgeons, but no matter what they are called, you will go through the same steps leading up to a nose jobprocedure. First, you need to understand what a nose job entails. Once you know this, you will have a consultation to see if you are suitable, and then you will be scheduled in for the final procedure.

If you want to learn more, read on for insights of what happens all the way through from a top facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC.

What does a nose job do for me?

Rhinoplasty surgical procedures will improve the shape and overall structure of your nose. This includes the width, bump removal or filling in dips on the bridge. It will also correct the tip of your nose if it goes in one direction.

Sometimes, these surgical procedures are not merely for cosmetic purposes. They can fix distorted septum’s that opens the airways and causes breathing problems.

No matter what the reason for your rhinoplasty, Dr. Freeman is the renowned as the best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC. .

Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will hold a consultation with you.

Each candidate will have a consultation. It doesn’t matter what facial plastic surgery you are after. Dr. Freeman will give you a thorough examination, take pictures for a before and after comparisons. These are vital so you know he has met or exceeded your expectations.

This Charlotte NC plastic surgeon is double board certified, so when he asks questions about any medical conditions, allergies or anything, which can affect surgery or your recovery, you do need to answer honestly.

Will I be suitable as a candidate for rhinoplasty surgery in Charlotte NC?

This will depend on Dr. Freeman and his assessments. Just because you have, a consultation doesn’t mean you will have a nose job procedure.

If you answer all his questions positively, then it may be appropriate for you to become a suitable candidate.

Teens differ because their nose may not have fully developed. This often occurs during the latter part of adolescence. This can vary on gender. You will find out all thing of this nature in your consultation.

Who performs my nose job operation in Charlotte NC?

The responsible person will be Dr. Freeman. He is double board certified and is Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon.

Not only does he have countless years of experience, but also there are procedures that he himself has developed.

If he finds you are a suitable candidate, then you will be in the best rhinoplasty surgeon’s hands for your procedure.

To start the lead up to rhinoplasty surgery, you can contact Dr. Freeman at Only Faces, and he will be happy to start the consultation procedure with you