Patient 6345How will a neck lift procedure help me?

The best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC will perform one or more procedures to tighten all the loose skin around the neck to regain a youthful appearance. This facial plastic surgery is becoming one of the most popular procedures in the country. Many who have undergone the procedure; say it is one of the most gratifying surgeries.

If you have concerns in the neck area, read on and see all you need to know about how Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon goes about performing this procedure.

What happens in a facial plastic surgery neck lift procedure in Charlotte NC?

For many individuals, and particularly for females, neck wrinkles and sagging neck is the earliest and most significant indication of aging. Facial plastic surgery by the best facial plastic surgeon in the area, can give you a more youthful and pleasing look, which is amazingly fulfilling.

The plastic surgeon can perform more than one procedure during a neck lift procedure, according to the individual’s wants and expectations. These may include, but aren’t restricted to:

  • Removal of excess skin – this can be referred to as “Turkey” or “Saggy” neck.
  • The removal or alteration of neck muscles.
  • Lifting or tightening of the skin in the neck region.
  • Liposuction can sometimes be used in the case of excess fat removal.

Many facial plastic surgeons turn to further surgical options. Your plastic surgeon may suggest additional procedures. Some ispreoperative, and some may be advisable after you heal, and may include Botox or Kybella injections.

Dr. Freeman is double board certified and has developed many facial plastic surgery procedures. He is the best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC and does not resort to injection methods to obtain his excellent results.

Recovery after the best facial plastic surgeon performs a neck lift

Recovery from a neck lift procedure will vary greatly between individuals because not all people have the same kind of treatment. The majority of people who undergo sagging neck surgery can be back at work within 10-14 days. However, individuals who are involved with sports or vigorous exercise may require 3-6 weeks to resume a normal lifestyle. Your surgeon can help manage pain and swelling with medications and a variety of techniques, including hot or cold applications. The results are expected to be noticeable in a matter of a few weeks.

A sagging neck can cause you to be self-conscious as it makes you appear older than you are. This is why surgeries for the neck conditions mentioned feel so rewarding. You can now look and feel years younger and happier with one simple facial cosmetic procedure.

Finding the right facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC

Any individual who wants to undergo any form of facial plastic surgery will need to find the best person for the job. There are many cases where surgeries go wrong, or the results are not as expected. Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon Dr. Freeman can be contacted at Only Faces.

He will hold an initial consultation, and answer any questions regarding the procedure, and show examples of the expected results. He has spent many years performing such procedures and is well known as the best facial plastic surgeon for his success rate.