Rhinoplasty and Alar RimsWhy do teens seek plastic surgery after rhinoplasty?

Teen rhinoplasty is a hugely popular operation. A lot of this is for the same reasons as in adults. Benefits of plastic surgery in selected teenagers are many. The three main medical conditions, which can be successfully addressed with plastic surgery,areFacial Scarring from Acne, Protruding or unbalanced ears and cleft lips or palate.

In many cases, these conditions can cause ridicule in children while at school. If you have a child who has any of these conditions, read on for a morein-depthinformation.

Rectifying a cleft lip with the best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC

Cleft lip and cleft palate are the 4th most common defect in birth in the United States. Whereas teen rhinoplasty falls in at number one. One in every seven hundred babies are born with a cleft lip. Thankfully, it is correctable through two surgeries that typically drop in the first year of life.

Unfortunately, this procedure does not often deal with the cosmetic side of the abnormality. This will result in later problems. A lip restoration procedure may be used to address the above type of patient.

Since each patient has an individual and unique condition, a consultation with a double board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Freeman is advisable to discuss in more detail the particular issues surrounding the surgery.

Acne scarring in teenagers is as popular as teen rhinoplasty

Most teenagers develop acne at one time or another. Unfortunately, for a few, acne may lead to prominent facial scars, which cannot be treated by non-surgical procedures. This is one of the conditions, which can and needs to be treated.

A number of removal techniques are now available and effective. Like harelip, since each condition is individual and unique, it’s preferable to schedule a consultation with Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. Who happens to be, a double board-certified plastic surgeon, to discuss the most effective solution for resolving acne scarring.

Pinning back ears with otoplasty in Charlotte NC?

An otoplasty is an easy-to-perform procedure and is almost as common as teen rhinoplasty to correct unbalanced or protruding ears. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia or intravenous sedation. During the surgery, a tiny cut is made in the folds behind the ear.

The plastic surgeon uses small instruments to reach and relocate the ear cartilage. After the cartilage is repositioned, the cut is closed, and any hidden scars are negligible. The outcome of otoplasty is remarkable. The surgery has given countless patients the look they were supposed to be born with.

Finding the best teen plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC

Teen plastic surgery shouldn’t be trusted to anyone without some careful consideration. Luckily, this is straightforward when Charlotte’s most experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon may be right on your doorstep.

Although teenagers will want these procedures, there will be an amount of apprehension. To overcome this, you can arrange a first consultation with Dr. Freeman. He has performed and developed many procedures for facial plastic surgery.

Any teenager will be in the best hands, no matter if they are there for any of the above, or they are looking for teen rhinoplasty.