Patient 5793What makes me suitable for blepharoplasty surgery?

Eyelift surgery may be necessary for more than just aesthetic motives. However, these are not suitable for everyone, so should you suffer from the following, you should not proceed with this type of procedure.

  • You suffer from dry eyes
  • Anyone of prescribed medications
  • You have blurred or double vision
  • You have a thyroid issue or you suffer from diabetes
  • Anyone who is smoking or taking recreational drugs or herbal supplements

Who will need eyelift surgery in Charlotte NC?

If you’re getting older and your eyes are not the glow of alertness and interest they once had. On the other hand, there could be a medical reason.

If the problem is because the skin above your eyelids is sinking toward the eye socket. This can mean that eyelift surgery is needed rather than an endoscopic brow lift being the recommendation. While these offer a smoother forehead, it may not be sufficient on its own to deliver youthful looking ayes.

Younger looking eyes are one of the areas that many Charlotte NC residents wish to have because eyes are one of the first to show signs of aging. There are often fine lines around the eyes as well as deposits of fat. You can discover very quickly how to make your eyes appear younger by using your local facial cosmetic surgeon.

Recovery after eyelift surgery

There are various approaches to eye lift surgery taken by plastic surgeons, with some performing it under local anesthesia. Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon makes very precise assessments about the amount of skin and tissue he needs to remove. Although you may want a youthful appearance, your eyelids will still need to close completely over the eyes after they heal.

There will be bruises and swelling for several days after eyelift surgery, and some dryness and itching may occur. This disappears after a short period.

The stitches will dissolve or will be ready for removal in approximately five days. Dr. Freeman recommends avoiding reading or watching TV during the first few days and being sure to have enough sleep.

Who to speak to in Charlotte NC about eyelift surgery?

Dr. Freeman has practiced facial plastic surgery since 1988, and is regardedas Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon, so there is no better person to speak to on the matter.

Being double board certified, no oneis able to match his attention to detail, and the results he can achieve, he has even taken techniques and developed his own that are followed around the country. If you are thinking about eyelift surgery, then just contact Dr. Freeman for a no-obligation consultation. You will quickly find how easy it can be to regain a youthful appearance.