patient beforeafterAre you tired of looking tired?

Brow lift surgery can bring a completely new look to the face. Regardless of how young, or appealing, you may seem, when you have a furrowed brow or frown lines on the forehead, it gives the face an aged, harsher, and in some instances less than friendly appearance.

This may be an appropriate time to consider a brow lift procedure to address any small imperfections you may face.

What is Charlotte NC endoscopic brow lift surgery?

A brow lift used to involve Charlotte’s most experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon slicing the scalp and tugging the skin upward before re-stitching it back into place. As a result, these procedures were known to produce bizarre looks of constant surprise.

Nowadays, surgeons such as Dr. Freeman over the years have been improving their techniques, and through the process has become double board certified with his commitment to his profession. A brow lift surgery may be performed with other procedures, but they have such a dramatic affect in their own right.

What happens in Charlotte NC endoscopic brow lift surgery?

A facial plastic surgeon will make a small incision in the forehead and will insert an endoscope. These are tiny devices, which have minute cameras placed on the tip.

From here, the surgeon will examine the way the skin and the muscles connect with the forehead. Then they can develop their blueprint for the complete procedure.

While this procedure is simple, it can still take time for the bruises and swelling to decrease. Therefore, before you choose, your plastic surgeon will discuss alternatives with you.

Facelift specialist explains different brow lifts

There are several possible alternatives or variations to this kind of plastic surgery in Charlotte NC. These can include a lateral brow lift. This is when the skin surrounding the temples collapses the most.

If you are recommended for an asymmetrical brow lift, this will mean that there is more sagging skin from one side than from the other.

A full forehead brow lift or a three-quarter forehead lift will be utilized in differing conditions when the entire forehead skin may need to be raised.

Are you ready to look younger with charlotte NC brow lift surgery?

Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will be the perfect individual to conduct this type of plastic surgery procedure. He was among the very first plastic surgeons to practice endoscopic brow lifts. Therefore, if anyone knows, then he is the one to be asking.

If there are questions about a brow lift surgery, or if a different procedure meets your needs. Contact Dr. Freeman at Only Faces, who will be happy to schedule a private consultation; from here, he will determine the best possible action for you to regain your youthful appearance.