Patient 2600Do you want a more youthful look?

The soof lift procedure was developed by Dr. Freeman in Charlotte, NC. It is unlike the other forms of eyelid surgeries (blepharoplasty), which are performed by surgeons for the lower eyelid.

One significant sign of aging in conjunction with crow’s feet is the sagging of suborbic ocular fat (or SOOF), a thin layer of fat beneath the eyelids. This causes your eyes to become fuller than they normally are and creates small swollen areas underneath. If you see this, you may read below and find out everything you will need to know on this procedure.

What are the main reasons for skin aging?

As we age, the elasticity of the skin decreases. Unfortunately, this eventually will result in loose skin, which is further apparent near the eyes, mouth, neck and chin. Such issues lead to loose skin.

Furthermore, fat breakdown beneath the skin is apparent. SOOF lift procedures are more invasive when compared to other facial plastic surgery procedures, but the actual procedure is straightforward for an experienced and double board certified facial plastic surgeon such as Dr. Freeman in Charlotte NC.

What happens in Charlotte NC Soof lift procedures?

Several procedures are in place to address this problem. One of these is to first open the lower eyelid blepharoplasty.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon makes small incisions under the lower eyelid eyelashes. He then lifts the skin to remove the muscles and fat. This will handle wrinkles and swelling, but when no SOOF is present, the results deliver a hollow look below the lower eyelid.

SOOF is replaceable by deposits from other areas around the body. This may not always be effective, however, and if it fails, it results in corrective facial plastic surgery being required.

Why the Sooflift was developed in Charlotte NC

Although many lower eyelid procedures do not work properly, this prompted Dr. Freeman to invent the Soof lift. As the developer of this procedure, understandably, he understands better than anyone else does.

Dr. Freeman has been dedicated to the development of improved techniques for many other cosmetic surgeries, and not just Soof lift. Blepharoplasty provides a more youthful and healthy mid-face appearance.

Head straight to the Charlotte NC Soof lift developer

There is plenty of sense in making a visit to Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to be sure the soof lift procedure is performed correctly. There is absolutely no need for any individual who is seeking this procedure to leave the location.

The recovery times may be spent indoors without having to travel, so staying relaxed and comfy makes the whole experience endurable. To commence the process, you may contact Dr. Freeman at “Only Faces,” and he will more than be happy to arrange for an initial consultation.