Patient 505What safety tips should I know fora facelift?

Facelift surgery need not be complicated with the right surgeon. There are things you need to know and check such as having an experienced surgeon, and they will perform your surgical procedure in the right place. The other safety tips are down to you and out of the doctor’s hands. You need to quit smoking, disclose medical history and make sure you have support once your procedure is over.

If you want to see these in detail, read on and you’ll see all you need to know.

No smoking around the time of facelift surgery in Charlotte NC

Healthy patients who do not smoke have a lower risk of complications. They can also receive faster, and a more comfortable recovery. Smoking and nicotine inhibits circulation, reduces oxygen levels in the blood and increases risks of complications when anesthesia is being applied. It also results in slow and poor healing.

All patients need to stop all nicotine at least weeks before, and a minimum of 4 weeks after having a facelift, or another facial plastic surgery procedure where they reposition the skin. This is often the case in a facelift or rhinoplasty. Reputable surgeons like Dr. Freeman often have to refuse patients and performing these procedures if they continually smoke. While quitting smoking isn’t necessary before a facelift surgery procedure, it is better for your health to quit smoking, as Dr. Freeman will strongly advise.

Divulge all your medical history to Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon

Honesty and being thorough about your medical history is a significant factor in your safety. Many medications, supplements, and natural herbs increase risks during anesthesia, or a higher risk of prolonged bleeding after facelift surgery.

Be sure outline all your medical history, no matter how trivial you may think it is. Tell Dr. Freemen everything,so you know what, and when to stop using high-risk substances long before your surgery. Some medical conditions can also affect if a procedure will be safe or not. This can change how Dr. Freeman approaches surgery.

Be sure you have Charlotte’s best surgeon performing your procedure

A regular licensed doctor can perform cosmetic surgery. This is regardless of any cosmetic surgery training they have. A surgeon who meets the qualifications has undergone many years of surgical residency training, and a good amount in plastic surgery.

Dr. Freeman is double board certified and has spent countless years dedicated to facial plastic surgery alone in Charlotte NC.

Best location for a facelift in Charlotte NC

When you are seeking facelift surgery or any other facial plastic surgery, you need to know the place where the procedure will take place is accredited. To be sure, you are in the right place and with Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon ready to perform the procedure.

You can contact Dr. Freeman from Only Faces, and you will find, you have the best person to take care of you, throughout your procedure and once it has been completed successfully.