Case 4003-Rhinoplasty.Brow lift -lateral.Facial Implants-cheek- 1- Before&AfterWhat I will say in my first plastic surgery consultation?

A facial plastic surgery consultation is an interview and a learning experience. It is the crucial time you can see the possibilities surgery can do for you. It will be an open discussion where you will answer three questions:

  • Is the surgery the best option for me?
  • Which will be the right procedures?
  • Am I comfortable with the surgeon who will perform my procedure?

A consultation can last a couple of hours. Here’s what your initial consultation should include.

Visiting the facial plastic surgery clinic in Charlotte NC

You may have received paperwork ahead of time, or you can spend some time filling out forms. This may seem boring, but it can save time when you are with your surgeon. Be thorough and honest about medical histories. You need to declare medications, supplements, or recreational drugs you are taking, even if it is only alcohol or smoking.

Answering Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon’s questions

Now it’s time to meet the plastic surgeon. Dr. Freeman will be the surgeon, and he is the double board certified surgeon who will perform your procedure.  At this stage, you can talk about:

  • What you want to change on your face, and the reasons
  • Your goals: How you want to look like and feel after your surgery
  • Which procedure you think will help achieve your goals
  • What’s will happen during the surgery  such as anesthesia, incision location and recovery period
  • Risks and complications with the surgery
  • Your medical history

Dr. Freeman has told many patients he can’t help at this stage when they try to avoid something.

Asking the best facial plastic surgeon questions

You should also ask questions about the procedure, credentials and experience. Here’s a sample to ask Dr. Freeman

  • How long have you been performing facial plastic surgery?
  • How often do you perform the procedure you are having?
  • Are there other options, and what results could I expect?

These are a brief sample of things to ask. There will be many more you think of as you are speaking to Dr. Freeman.

Charlotte NC surgeons examine areas of concern

Examinations will involve measurements, an examination and photos. Dr. Freeman will give you a sign of what he foresees the results being. He has been performing many procedures since 1988, and his insight and skill are well known. He has developed many procedures, which other surgeons now follow.

Discuss pricing of your facial plastic surgery

When you find you are suitable, and Dr. Freeman can help.There will be a discussion regarding the surgery fee.  Check your quote includes every cost you face.

  1. Surgeon’s fees
  2. Operating room costs
  3. Anesthesia fees
  4. Any other items they may use
  5. Follow-up appointments

The next steps with your Charlotte NC plastic surgeon

Don’t feel obligated to decide if you aren’t sure about your facial plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is a serious business, so you need to go home and think about it. If you haven’t already spoken to Dr. Freeman, you can contact him and arrange your initial consultation.

With all the above, you have plenty of information of what to ask, and what he will ask you.

One thing you will know, you have Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon sat in the consultation with you.