Are you thinking of having a facelift?

Facelift surgery is no longer an individual term for a particular operation. There are many types of facelifts, and the procedures may target specific areas of the face.

Here, we will take a look at differences involving upper, mid, and lower facelifts. From this, you can begin to make the best decisions for your needs.

Basics of a facelift

In the universal understanding, a facelift characteristically signifies plastic surgery, which transforms the look of all below the ears.

In this kind of surgery, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon aims to tug the skin tighter and move it. This reduces the emergence of wrinkles, removes sagging skin, and much more. A full facelift procedure can take years off the appearance if carried out correctly by an experienced plastic surgeon.

Charlotte NC upper facelift surgeries

Facelifts of these types apply to procedures carried out on this corresponding part of the face. A full facelift usually targets the lower two-thirds of the face. To treat the forehead and area of the eyes, you also need an upper facelift. It is a different procedure, but it is possible they can perform this at the same time.

The upper facelift was more commonly recognized as a brow lift. Some plastic surgeons still refer to it in the same way. However, it incorporates different procedures that impact more than brows. The best plastic surgeons, such as Dr. Freeman, will use less invasive methods, while still being able to enhance the forehead and the eyes appearance.

Mid facelift procedures

In contrast, a mid-facelift will target sagging skin and wrinkles from under the eyes to the top of the lips. Here, the facial plastic surgeon will strengthen the nose, cheeks, and areas just above the top lip to make it appear younger.

Charlotte NC lower facelifts

This surgery focuses on areas like laugh lines, jaws, and sometimes, the neck and below the chin. There are cases where a lower facelift can enhance the way these areas look. However, it may take other procedures to achieve the desired results.

Finding Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon

If you are interested in these different facelift procedures, and no matter if you want a full facelift or a mini one. The information here can be the first step, but to be entirely sure of which procedure is best for you. It’s best to contact Dr. Freeman of Only Faces to schedule a consultation and discuss all the various treatment choices.

Any individual pursuing a facelift will be in excellent hands. Dr. Freeman of Only Faces is double board-certified and has devoted himself to facial plastic surgery. There is no doubt, whichever facelift procedure you choose, you will have the absolute best.