What are the different facelifts?

There is an upturn in the number of facelift procedures performed during the year. Nowadays, facelift surgery no longer refers to only one process or any one particular operation.

There are many types of facelifts, and the procedures may target specific areas of the face.

Here, you can learn the various facial parts that receive treatment from Dr. Freeman of Only Faces in Charlotte, NC.

What are facelifts?

In such a kind of facial plastic surgery, Dr. Freeman, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon, will tug the patient’s skin tighter and relocate it where it is appropriate.  A facelift typically indicates plastic surgery, which alters the look of everything below the level of the ears.

They aim to reduce wrinkles, remove sagging skin, and much more to improve the appearance.

A full facelift procedure can remove around ten years in a patient’s appearance if carried out correctly by an experienced plastic surgeon.

Upper facelift surgeries in Charlotte, NC 

The leading plastic surgeons, such as Dr. Freeman, strive for less invasive methods while improving the appearance of the forehead and eyes. Surgeons who work on a related part of the face apply these facelift treatments. A full-face lift addresses the two-thirds of the lower part of the face.

To cover the eyebrows and eye area, an upper face lift is also essential. This is a stand-alone operation but can be conducted at the same time.  An upper face lift is more often considered an eyebrow lift. Some plastic facial surgeons refer to this in the same way. However, this involves other surgeries that have a more significant effect on the face than the eyebrows.

Charlotte NC lower and mid-facelift procedures

In contrast, a middle facelift concentrates on drooping skin, and wrinkles, from the bottom of the eyes to the top of the mouth. Here, the facial plastic surgeon will enhance the nose, cheeks, and the area just above the upper lip to make it look younger.

This operation focuses on areas such as laugh lines, jaws, and sometimes on the neck and chin. There are cases where the lower face lift can improve the appearance of these areas. However, other treatments may be required to achieve the desired results.

Finding Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon

If you are curious about such diverse facelift procedures, you can quickly contact the clinic for telemedicine or telephone consults before taking any further steps toward a facelift. The information here can be the primary step and can couple with speaking over the phone. You may be able to find which facelift procedure is best for your situation.

When the time is right, you can find out the best time to contact Dr. Freeman of Only Faces when you can schedule your consultation and get the ball rolling. Any individual seeking a facelift is in the best of care with Dr. Freeman of Only Faces. He is double board-certified and devotes his career to facial plastic surgery.  Take the above as a starting point, and head to the Only Faces website for further research before you contact the office.