People who consider a rhinoplasty do it for many reasons. They may be unhappy with their appearance or the shape or size of their nose. It may be that the shape of their nose makes it difficult for them to breathe or sleep well. Whatever their reason, people who opt for a rhinoplasty by Dr. M. Sean Freeman, Charlotte’s best rhinoplasty surgeon can expect to realize a number of benefits, from the emotional to the physical.

The benefits of a rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty - Charlotte, NC
Improved facial balance
One of the firs things Dr. Freeman will do during the rhinoplasty consultation appointment is use digital imaging software to show his patient how different styles and shapes of noses will look on their face. They can then visualize how increasing or reducing the size of their nose will help balance their facial features. Dr. Freeman will evaluate the patient’s entire face. He will discuss with the patient their goals for the rhinoplasty procedure. Modifying the shape of the nose may also help an individual appear younger.

Improved nasal function
If a patient has breathing problems, a rhinoplasty may provide significant benefits. This is especially true if a patient is having trouble sleeping. Dr. Freeman will evaluate each patient to determine which facial plastic procedures will most benefit their situation. Other possible issues which may be addressed with rhinoplasty include sinus problems and chronic congestion. Dr. Freeman has more than twenty years of experience in facial plastic surgery and can recommend the best options for each patient.

Improved confidence
Certain benefits of rhinoplasty are not physician, but are more mental or emotional. If a patient has been thinking about rhinoplasty for several years, they often discover they feel much better about their appearance and life in general following the procedure. There are even studies which suggest that rhinoplasty patients may experience an increase in happiness and self-esteem following rhinoplasty surgery.

Realistic expectations
One of the best ways to ensure a patient is happy with the results of their rhinoplasty is for each patient to have realistic expectations from this facial plastic surgery procedure. Dr. Freeman meets with every patient for an initial consultation. During this meeting, Dr. Freeman discusses the rhinoplasty procedure and what the patient should expect following surgery. Dr. Freeman will evaluate the patient’s overall appearance and use digital computer software to provide the patient examples of how they will appear with their new nose.

Dr. Freeman performs most rhinoplasty surgery in his state-of-the-art clinic, The Center for Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery in Charlotte NC. During the rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Freeman modifies the cartilage and bone which form the nose’s structure. This is typically accomplished through small incisions made within the nose. There is usually mild bruising and swelling which will disappear within a week to ten days. If you are considering rhinoplasty surgery, call Dr. Freeman today for a consultation appointment.