Upper eyelift Charlotte NC

Upper eyelid lift Charlotte NC- what you should know
Before you undergo an upper eyelift Charlotte NC, you should first make sure you are in good health and that you don’t have any medical conditions that would make the surgery more dangerous for your eyes. This includes blurry vision, dry eye, double vision, diabetes or thyroid problems.

As with any other plastic surgery, if you smoke, you should stop before undergoing an upper eyelid lift Charlotte NC, because nicotine constricts your blood vessels and makes your body heal slower. Also, don’t take aspirin, ibuprofen, anti-inflammatory drugs or herbal supplements before the surgery. Tell your facial plastic surgeon about any other medications you might be taking, and follow his or her advice on whether you should take them before surgery.

Recovery from an upper eyelid lift
How long it takes to recover from an upper eyelid lift Charlotte NC depends on whether you undergo the procedure by itself or alongside others. By itself, most patients recover in about two weeks, with only a little bit of bruising visible. Youll recover faster if you plenty of rest, keep your head elevated and use cold packs. Keep your eyes out of the sun — if you must go outside on sunny days, use sunglasses.

But upper eyelid lifts are usually performed alongside other procedures for a general rejuvenation of the face. These include lower lid lifts, malar pad lifts, neck or brow lifts, BOTOX, filler injections and laser skin resurfacing. Only your facial plastic surgeon can tell you how long your recovery time is likely to be, and what steps you should take.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
Dr. Sean Freeman is the best facial plastic surgeon to go to for your upper eyelid lift Charlotte NC. He has practiced only facial plastic surgery and nonsurgical procedures since 1988, including procedures on the eyelids. He runs a state-of-the-art facility and has made a YouTube video that explains the procedure and shows several before and after photos of his eye lift patients. If you are interested in an upper eyelid lift Charlotte NC, make an appointment or request an online consultation today.