Eyelid surgery can help patients look younger 

Upper eyelid surgery is a type of eyelid surgery that focuses on Charlotte, NC patients who experience sagging, heavy upper eyelids. Though some patients may have naturally heavier eyelids, some may develop droopy eyelids as they age. Though most often people have upper eyelid surgery for cosmetic reasons, some may experience issues with their vision as the eyelids begin to hang over the eye. Eyelid surgery can help correct this and restore patient’s vision and help them look younger and more alert.  

Upper eyelid surgery uses an incision in the crease of the eye 

Patients who undergo upper eyelid surgery will have an incision that is made in the crease of the upper eyelid. The location of the incision naturally hides whatever scar patients may have once their incision has healed. Surgeons then remove the extra material that is causing the eye look heavy such as excess skin, muscle, and fat.  

The doctor may recommend additional procedures to have in addition to upper eyelid surgery. Eyebrow lifts can also help lift the skin above the eye, which can improve the look of the face. Some patients may have darker skin below the eyes that can be corrected with laser treatments. Your physician will be able to discuss all options with you at your consultation and in appointments leading up to surgery. 

Patients should anticipate spending a few thousand dollars 

Most insurance companies will not cover this procedure, or its complications should any arise, unless it is done for a medical purpose. If you are getting the procedure to correct vision problems, be sure to contact your insurance provider to see if any of the cost will be covered.  

Those having the procedure for cosmetic purposes will need to pay the entire bill themselves. A big part of planning for cosmetic plastic surgery is saving for it. There is no average cost for upper eyelid surgery, but patients should anticipate spending no less than a few thousand on the procedure. Your surgeon will be able to give you a better estimate so you can make a savings plan.  

Recovery can take a few weeks 

Following the procedure, patients will experience bruising and swelling around the eyes. Bruising will usually fade in about a week with the swelling going down in a week or two. Patients should be sure to elevate their head after surgery to assist with keeping swelling down. Sensitivity to light is also common, so protecting the eyes from the sun is important. Though most people do it without thinking, rubbing the eyes is also prohibited until fully healed. 

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon 

Charlotte, NC patients who are considering upper eyelid surgery should contact Dr. Sean Freeman to schedule a consultation. Patients can feel confident in Dr. Freeman’s experience and skills as he is double board certified which requires doctors to undergo additional training. Dr. Freeman takes pride in helping patients look their best.