Liquid facelift or deep plane facelift in Charlotte NC?

Surgeon explains liquid facelift or deep plane facelift in Charlotte NC.

 Liquid facelift or deep plane facelift in Charlotte NC? Finding a board certified facial plastic surgeon
If you do not want to experience the invasiveness of a surgery, a liquid facelift or deep plane facelift in Charlotte NC is the ideal solution for a more youthful appearance. The most experienced facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte offers a rapid and safe solution for those who would like to avoid surgery. The procedure is easily performed in the doctor’s office, without sedation during your initial visit. In addition, the downtime is minimal, with some swelling and bruising that will last for 3 to 5 days.

Repeat treatments
A liquid face lift typically requires repeat treatments every year or so. Understandably, patients should not expect their results to be as dramatic as those that are produced by surgery. Liquid facelift typically addresses issues and concerns in the perioral area, the lower eyelids, the cheek bone, and along the jawline near the jowls. Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon uses a dermal filler for smoothing moderate to severe facial wrinkles. He may also combine the use of a hyaluronic acid product near the vermillion of the lips. You will need to undergo a thorough examination and consultation with your facial plastic surgeon in order to determine the type of filler that will be best for you.

What to expect
The beauty of a liquid facelift is that the results are usually instantly noticeable. However, in the case of deep or furrowed wrinkles, you should expect up to three sessions before you begin to notice any significant improvement. Dermal fillers work to slowly stimulate tissue growth over time. To minimize swelling after the procedure, your surgeon may encourage you to use a pack of ice. It is also important that you do not exercise for the first few hours after the procedure. In fact, you should be careful to avoid any activities that will cause an increase in heart rate or blood pressure. During the week before the procedure, patients should avoid the use of vitamin E, anti-inflammatories, herbal supplements, and any medications that can promote bruising.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
Dr. Sean Freeman of Charlotte NC is certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology. He has practiced facial plastic surgery since 1988 and his expertise and training far exceed any other facial plastic surgeon in town. To benefit from Dr. Freeman’s many years of experience, you can request your consultation online. Call his office and ask for a liquid facelift or deep plane facelift in Charlotte NC.


Meet Dr. Sean Freeman

Dr. Freeman is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who has specialized in aesthetic facial surgery since 1988. As a leader in his field who has invented advanced surgical techniques, he is frequently called upon to teach and represent his peers. Learn more about his vast experience and qualifications.


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