Nose surgeries are a common cosmetic procedure

Types of nose surgery can vary by each person based on their reason for having the procedure and what they hope to accomplish. Many individuals may choose to have a cosmetic nose surgery to help improve their looks or fix a perceived flaw with their nose. Nose jobs are one of the most common types of plastic surgery with over 223,000 of them performed in 2016 in the United States alone. This number was an increase from the previous year, showing its increased popularity.

Other people may have a nose surgery to medical reasons. Nose jobs are often utilized to fix crooked noses stemming from a broken nose and correcting a deviated septum. A deviated septum can cause a host of problems for its sufferers such as recurring bloody noses, breathing issues, and more. Some patients are born with a deviated septum while others may have gotten them from a previous accident.

There are many types of nose surgery patients may undergo

There are more than one types of nose surgery. In fact, three areas of the nose can be operated on, and these operations may be classified as an open or closed rhinoplasty. The type of surgery a patient has is determined by their goals for surgery and the reason they have it. It also plays a part in determining the recovery time.

Patients may have a nose surgery to narrow the bridge of the nose or straighten a crooked nose. Often if the bridge of the nose is operated on, a second surgery is done to shrink the nostrils. Operating on the nostrils can help make them smaller if a patient feels they are too wide. Surgeons can also operate on the fleshy tip of the nose if a patient does not like the way it looks.

If a surgeon can complete the surgery by making incisions on the inside of the nose, it is called a closed rhinoplasty. A closed rhinoplasty usually has a shorter healing time as it is less invasive. An open rhinoplasty is when a surgeon has to make incisions in the skin between the nostrils. Open rhinoplasties often have longer recovery periods.

Many patients will need to pay for their nose surgery out of pocket

Many patients will have to pay the entire bill for their nose surgery out of pocket. Typically, insurance does not cover nose surgeries for cosmetic purposes. However, insurance may help cover the cost if a patient is having the procedure for medical reasons. Be sure to check with your insurance provider before scheduling surgery.

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