Finding the right surgeon is an important step in planning your surgery 

Top rhinoplasty surgeon is probably the first thing Charlotte, NC patients search for once they’ve decided to have a nose job. It can be difficult to know where to start and what to look for in a surgeon and once you start looking the amount of information can be overwhelming. However, it is important that you pick the best doctor as it can have an impact on your results and your recovery. 

Choosing a top rhinoplasty surgeon that has years of experience can help ensure you get the results you want from your surgery and that you have a smooth recovery. Surgeons that are less experienced, or whose results you don’t like, may lead to you having results you’re not happy with. Undesirable results can leave patients feeling helpless as they have to deal with the results until a revision rhinoplasty can be done. This additional surgery means an extra cost and more time off work.  

There are many things you should keep in mind when searching for the top rhinoplasty surgeon 

Don’t let the amount of information you find start to overwhelm you. There are a few things to watch out for when choosing a top rhinoplasty surgeon that can help you make your decision, or just narrow down the field.  

Look at the doctor’s credentials and experience. Check to see if they are board certified instead of just licensed and if their operating room is certified as well. A board certified doctor has had additional training and education in their area whereas a licensed doctor has not necessarily had training in the specialty they are practicing in. Their website can also give you a good indication of the results you should expect from them. Browse the before and after photos to see if you think the results look natural and if you like them, if not keep looking.  

You’ll also meet with the doctor for a consultation before your surgery. This is a good time to ask any questions you have and see if you feel comfortable with the physician and in the facility. The doctor may also be able to use certain software to show you your expected results to see if you like them. Always trust your instincts and if things don’t feel comfortable or seem too good to be true, keep looking.  

Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon 

Charlotte, NC patients who are looking for top rhinoplasty surgeon should consider Dr. Sean Freeman. Dr. Freeman is the area’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and has focused exclusively on facial plastic surgery since 1988. Dr. Freeman is double board certified and takes great pride in helping patients look their best. To schedule a consultation and discuss any questions you have, be sure to contact his office.