A top facial plastic surgeon can ensure you safe and beautiful procedures to enhance your natural beauty. However, why are they so hard to find?  It’s important to find someone experienced for your surgery. You want to find someone you can trust that will achieve your desired result. You also want to know if it’s safe and affordable for you.

Is it safe to have facial plastic surgery?

Due to the spread of COVID-19, the definition of safe surgery has changed. We want to ensure that our procedure does not expose us to COVID and does not introduce complications to our cosmetic area. You want to find a surgeon and surgery center that you can trust and you feel safe getting your surgery. Look for a staff that screens patients, and tests their employees for COVID-19. Look for a surgery center that prides themselves on keeping the surgical area and offices free from COVID-10.

The staff at OnlyFaces are tested and negative for COVID-19. Also, the staff screens their temperature daily. In this effort, patients will also be tested for COVID-19 by their office before surgery and must test negative to continue with the cosmetic procedure. This office takes it among themselves to disinfect every room and decrease the number of patients they schedule. This office is obedient to CDC guidelines. Whew! It takes a weight off our shoulders, knowing that this place cares about the spread of a virus and protects everyone from it.

Can I afford the top facial plastic surgeon?

This location offers deals to ensure that patients can afford the procedure. When inquiring about a visit, OnlyFaces provides a $25 discount off of your consultation. During this consultation, the offices explain the prices for facial surgery and ways to supplement it.

Finding a facial plastic surgeon you can trust

The head surgeon of OnlyFaces, Dr. Sean Freeman, is one of the few double-board certified, fellowshipped trained surgeons who specialize in facial plastic surgery. He has been practicing plastic surgery since 1988 and can ensure you the results you desire. The facial procedures that this location shows exquisite expertise on are rhinoplasties, facelifts, brow lifts, lip enhancements, facial implants, you name it. Dr. Freeman is also considered one of the top rhinoplasty specialists in the South East. In addition to being highlight accredited, this surgeon published multiple book chapters on blepharoplasty while introducing a new, modern way to complete eyelid surgery. The surgeon at OnlyFaces has a plethora of knowledge about cosmetic facial surgery and has our trust 100%. They also have a kind and respectful staff that can ensure a comfortable experience.

Charlotte, NC’s top facial plastic surgeon

Why are top facial surgeons so hard to find? Look no further. Heading down to Only Faces in Charlotte, NC will ensure you a safe, wonderfully done procedure. Dr. Freeman guarantees your new, beautiful, and desired look. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced Rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon to find what the best procedure for you is, and how to proceed.