Top Charlotte rhinoplasty expert for your nose job 

Top Charlotte rhinoplasty expert is the one you want to contact when it’s time for a nose job. A rhinoplasty is a surgical process where a surgeon performs aesthetic and functional alignment to the nose. In layman’s terms, it is a nose job. It is a surgical process that changes the shape of the nose in a subtle way. Learn more about a rhinoplasty surgery and if a nose job is right for you.   

This surgical process is life changing for many people — but only when you go into the surgical process with realistic expectations.   

Who Qualifies for A Nose Job? 

Most people are good candidates for the procedure, however, it is important that you understand a few things before you undergo this procedure. To better understand how rhinoplasty works you want to talk to a qualified plastic surgeon in your area. This is a surgeon who will go over every aspect of the surgery with you and explain what your realistic expectations should be. It’s important to understand that with any type of surgery there are advantages and disadvantages, and you really do want to understand all of the facts before making a decision.   

Rhinoplasty Advantages  

  1. Facial Balance 

A nose can be distracting, and when it is overly large and not aesthetic, it can certainly cause low self-esteem issues. When this is the case, you can become so self-conscious that the size and shape of your nose begins to affect your social and professional life. This is usually because the nose negatively affects the balance of your face. When your nose does not fit the balance of your face that is when rhinoplasty can be advantageous to you.  

  1. Better Nasal Flow 

Many people suffer from poor nasal flow, and this contributes to breathing ease and airflow in the nose.  Bone alterations, sports accidents, and trauma can often result in a deviation of the septum. Basically, this is the area that separates the right and left nostril. When the septum is crooked, the then airway can be blocked. Even a slight blockage can affect breathing. Often when a rhinoplasty surgery takes place, the surgeon will also straighten the septum and make the nose straighter. This improves appearance and air flow.  

  1. Increased Self Confidence 

Getting a rhinoplasty can improve self-esteem significantly. It creates many positive changes in people, but one of the primary benefits is the huge boost in self-confidence.  

Rhinoplasty Disadvantages 

  1. Sometime you may have physical conditions like thicker skin that interfere with the rhinoplasty surgery.  
  1. People who have thick nasal skin may not see a very defined difference, especially if they want a petite and refined nasal tip. Expert nose job surgeons can sculpt nasal tip cartilage but when the overlying skin is thicker than average, the differences are not as noticeable.  
  1. Don’t bring photos of your favorite celebrity nose: 

Unless you actually look like the celebrity, don’t expect to get a nose just like that one after getting rhinoplasty. Your bone structure, the shape of your face and the type of skin you have will affect the surgical process. You want a nose job to look natural and to fit in with the other facial features you have.  

The top Charlotte rhinoplasty expert wants our expectations to be realistic 

After consulting with Dr. Sean Freeman, one of the top Charlotte rhinoplasty experts we learned that there is one most important aspect to your decision. You MUST look for a qualified and expert surgeon who is very experienced in rhinoplasty surgery.  However, simple this procedure may seem, it is still plastic surgery, and it is a procedure that will affect your overall appearance. This is not the time to base a decision on price factors. You must consider the education, professional licenses and patient satisfaction. Remember, a top surgeon will have updated surgical skills and will come highly recommended by the community in which he practices.  Consult top rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Sean Freeman of for your nose job.