The SignatureLift and more extensive facelifts

Not every facial plastic surgery patient needs a deep plane facelift — some need a less extensive procedure, such as a SignatureLift. It depends on the age of the patient, the condition of the patient’s face and whether the patient has had a facelift before. Because no two faces are alike even when they’re young, and individual patterns of aging are all slightly different, every facelift has to be customized to the individual patient. Depending on where the greatest signs of aging are, it might be performed alongside a neck lift, brow lift, eyelid surgery or other procedures.

For patients who are trying to look ten or fifteen years younger and have never had a facelift before, a deep plane facelift would work. This procedure has a recovery time of two weeks or more, and it can be even longer before the swelling goes down completely. A deep plane minituck is less extensive.

The “weekend facelift” — quick recovery, brief effects

Facial plastic surgeons differ on the subject of the “weekend facelift.” It involves a lot less surgery than a traditional facelift, is cheaper than most facelifts and the recovery time is only two to three days. What some surgeons object to is that it has the same risk of complications as any other procedure, but doesn’t last as long in its effects. This is why the surgery needs to be right for the patient. In the case of the weekend facelift, this means somebody who is or appears to be in his or her forties or early fifties, with relatively little loose skin around the neck.

There are different ways to perform a weekend facelift, and many facial plastic surgeons have their own versions of this operation. The version available in Charlotte, NC is Dr. Sean Freeman’s SignatureLift, which is suitable for younger patients or to those who’ve already had face lifts. It can be performed under sedation instead of general anesthesia, and most patients can get back to normal activity after only a few days. The sutures stay in for five to six days, but they can be hidden if you have longer hair.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon

Dr. Freeman is Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon. He has devoted himself completely to facial plastic surgery since 1988 and has been certified by two different surgery boards, the American Board of Otolaryngology (head and neck surgery) and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He can do anything from laser tattoo removal to port wine stain treatment. If you live in or near Charlotte and are interested in a SignatureLift, schedule your appointment today or ask for an online consultation for a discount on the consultation fee.