Rhinoplasty is a big decision

The cost of rhinoplasty is but just one factor Charlotte, NC residents have to consider when they are deciding whether or not to have a nose job. After all, deciding to have a nose job is a big decision, and not one people should do on a whim. Below, you’ll learn what the cost of rhinoplasty is, and what it can tell you, as well as why finding the right surgeon is so important. 

The cost of a rhinoplasty varies and can tell you a lot

The cost of a rhinoplasty will vary between doctors and parts of the country. Per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost a rhinoplasty in 2017 was $5,125. However, there’s a few things to keep in mind with this number. 

First, this number only includes the cost of the surgery itself, it does not include per and post op appointments, anesthesia, medications, recovery room costs, and more. Be sure to ask your surgeon for a full quote at one of your appointments. 

Second, you should also note the price varies by region and doctor. The type of medications your surgeon has access to will vary based on their location, so this number may be higher or lower based on where you are. 

The cost of a rhinoplasty that is give to you can also tell you if your doctor is a good fit for your or not. You’ve heard about people going overseas for surgery because it’s cheaper. Or maybe someone has chosen a less experienced, less reputable surgeon based on the cost of a rhinoplasty. But, cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to plastic surgery. Trust your gut when it comes to the cost of a rhinoplasty. If the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

Finding the right surgeon is important

It’s important to find the best surgeon possible to perform your procedure. After all, you’ll have spent time saving up the funds for the surgery. If you end up with results you aren’t happy with, you may need a second surgery. This will leave you having to pay for yet another procedure. Something most people don’t plan for when they save for their first surgery. 

Cost of a rhinoplasty is Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC residents take a lot of time to think and plan before having surgery. The cost of a rhinoplasty is often one of the first things you want to know before you commit to the procedure. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at OnlyFaces to schedule a consultation and request a price quote. Dr. Freeman is the area’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon. We will be happy to discuss the price of a rhinoplasty with you.