Temporary lip injections offer patients fuller lips with a fast results and a fast recovery time.

Plump lips are an increasingly desirable trait
Temporary lip injections are one way Charlotte, NC residents can make their thin lips fuller and more voluptuous. Full lips are becoming an increasingly desirable trait thanks to celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Angelina Jolie, and Kerry Washington, and people with thinner lips may not be happy with their appearance because of this trend.

Thin lips can be caused by genetics and aging
A few different factors can cause people to have thin lips. Some people naturally have thin lips and wish to plump their pout. Some of these people may have a thin lower lip and fuller upper or vice versa they want to even out as well.

Aging is another factor that contributes to thin lips. As people age, they may start to find the lips thin out or begin to roll inward. Some patients may choose to have temporary lip injections to correct this and help leave them looking younger.

Temporary lip injections are usually done in office and have a quick recovery time
When a patient comes in for temporary lip injections, the doctor will numb the area around the mouth as well as the lips. They will then inject the chosen filler directly into the lips. This procedure takes precise skill as the doctor will need to make sure they don’t overfill the lips and leave the patient with lips that are too puffy or that look unnatural.

There are many different types of filler the doctor can use. Some may use fat from another area of the patient’s body that they inject into the lips. Others may use a solution such as Restylane, Juvederm, or other product. The doctor will be able to determine which solution is the best option for the patient.

One benefit of temporary lip injections is that they have a quick recovery time. Most people can return to work immediately after the procedure. While some slight swelling may occur afterward around the injection area, it usually fades within one to two days, leaving patients looking and feeling better quickly.

Injections usually last between four to six months
As the name implies, temporary lip injections are not a permanent solution to getting fuller lips. The injections typically last four to six months, so additional treatments are required to maintain the look. Patients should consider the cost when choosing this option as they will usually need to pay for multiple treatments each year.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
Charlotte, NC residents who are considering temporary lip injections should contact Dr. Sean Freeman. Choosing an experienced doctor is important as it helps make sure you get the results you want from the injections. Be sure to contact his office to schedule a consultation to discuss how he can help you get a fuller pout.