Temporary lip fillers give patients plumper lips 

Temporary lip fillers are a common procedure for Charlotte, NC residents, and residents across the United States. Potential patients may decide to get lip fillers for many different reasons. Some people may have naturally thin lips they feel self conscious about or have lips that are not balanced well on the face. Older patients may notice their lips thinning out as they age and wish to have fuller lips again. Temporary lip fillers are a great option to help people look and feel their best quickly, with minimal recovery time.  

One major benefit of lip fillers is their quick results and recovery 

Many plastic surgeries, especially ones on the face, require weeks to months of recovery time, forcing patients to take vacation and sick days and save a hefty amount of money to have the procedure. One benefit of temporary lip fillers is their quick results and recovery time.  

Lip fillers can be done in office with results being seen immediately. The doctor will numb the area around the lips and inject the chosen solution into the lips. Often, the injected substance is a solution made of hyaluronic acid or fat from the patient. Patients will experience some swelling after the surgery that will affect the way their results look, but the swelling is usually gone within 24 to 48 hours.  

Though most patients are fully recovered in a day or two, it is a good idea to have someone take you home after the procedure and stay with you for a bit when you get home. Since the recovery time is a benefit of this, most people are okay on their own pretty quickly and will not need to take a lot of time off work, if any at all.  

Temporary lip fillers last between four and six months 

Though temporary lip fillers offer patients results quickly, they are not permanent. Most lip injections last for four to six months before the patient will need to have more fillers. Even though additional injections are necessary to maintain the results, lip fillers are not as expensive as some plastic surgeries since they are done in the office and do not require patients to be put under anesthesia. 

Finding an experienced surgeon is important 

Finding the best surgeon to give you your temporary lip fillers is important. Lip fillers, if done correctly, can give patients a subtle improvement and fuller lips. When done incorrectly patients can be left with lopsided or over inflated lips. Be sure to look for doctors who are board certified instead of just licensed and view the potential physician’s website to browse the before and after pictures. 

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon 

Charlotte, NC physician Dr. Sean Freeman is the area’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Freeman is double board certified and has devoted his skills exclusively to facial plastic surgery since 1988. If you are considering temporary lip fillers contact Dr. Freeman’s office today to schedule an appointment.