Teens and rhinoplasties may occur for many different reasons

Teens and rhinoplasties are becoming more and more common. Teens in Charlotte, NC, and all over the United States, may desire to have a rhinoplasty for many different reasons. It is important parents ensure their teen actually wants a nose job, and it is not just a fleeting desire.

The nose plays a huge role in determining how a person looks. Teenagers are going through a lot of changes and may be self-conscious about their appearance. The rise of social media and the trend of taking selfies, means teens are seeing and scrutinizing their appearance more and more. Having a nose job to correct something teens do not like about themselves can help improve their confidence.

Not all teens want to undergo rhinoplasty for cosmetic purposes. Many teens may have had a nose injury from sports or playing with friends. Rhinoplasty can help patients who have a deviated septum stemming from injury as well as those who have had a deviated septum since birth.

Teenagers will need to be sure they have finished developing before having a nose job

Teenagers are still growing, so it is important they do not have a nose job until they are fully developed. Typically teens who want rhinoplasty must wait until about age 15 for girls and age 17 for boys. The surgeon will be able to determine if your teenager is a candidate for surgery.

Parents should be sure to talk with teens openly about their desire for surgery

Teens and rhinoplasties can be a sensitive topic for teenagers and their parents. Since rhinoplasty is a big surgery, parents should talk openly with their kids about the surgery. Discuss why they want the procedure, and discuss the recovery they will have to go through. If the teen talks about the nose job over an extended period, they probably truly want the surgery. If your teen discusses it a few times, before not mentioning it again, they should not have a rhinoplasty.

Finding the right surgeon is important

Anytime teens undergo surgery parents want to be sure their child is in the best hands possible. Finding the right rhinoplasty surgeon is important to ensure teens have the best rhinoplasty results possible. Be sure research area physicians to help find the most experienced one around. View their before and after pictures, meet with them, and have them use imaging technology to show you and your teen how the nose will turn out after surgery.

Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon

Charlotte, NC’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon is Dr. Sean Freeman. Teens and rhinoplasties require the most experienced surgeons available to ensure teens have a positive experience. Be sure to contact Dr. Freeman’s office today to schedule a consultation to see if your teen is a good candidate for rhinoplasty, and discuss how Dr. Freeman can help.