Teens often ask to get their nose reshaped. As a result, teen rhinoplasty surgery is the most common cosmetic surgery done among American teens. The procedure is typically performed as outpatient surgery and under general anesthesia. This means a teen who gets teen rhinoplasty surgery will go home the same day as the surgery. This procedure can be very simple or end up as a complex operation. The final result depends a great deal upon the skill and experience of the rhinoplasty surgeon. In Charlotte NC, Dr. Sean Freeman is known as the expert in teen rhinoplasty procedures. Any teen considering teen rhinoplasty surgery should meet with Dr. Freeman and discuss all the details of the procedure.

Teens request teen rhinoplasty surgery more than any other cosmetic surgery procedure

Teen rhinoplasty surgery
The best age for teen rhinoplasty surgery
Dr. Freeman recommends a teen not have teen rhinoplasty until their nose if fully formed. This typically happens around age 14 to 16 for girls and age 16 to 18 for boys. Once the nose is fully formed, teen rhinoplasty surgery can be performed to improve appearance, address physical deformities or repair a broken nose.

Types of teen rhinoplasty surgery
There are several types of teen rhinoplasty surgery. These include:

  • Straightening the bridge of the nose
  • Removing a hump
  • Increasing or decreasing the size of the nostrils
  • Reshaping the tip
  • Opening breathing passages
  • Correcting the nose after an injury
  • Increasing or decreasing the size of the nose

A teen rhinoplasty can be performed to either address a medical issue or to improve the facial appearance.

Risks of teen rhinoplasty surgery

While most people come through teen rhinoplasty surgery with little more than a bit of swelling and bruising, there are some inherent risks in having this type of surgery. These include:

  • Nosebleeds
  • Numbness
  • Bursting of small blood vessels on the surface of the skin
  • Scarring at the base of the nose
  • Swelling
  • Nerve damage

Dr. Freeman meets with any Charlotte NC teen requesting teen rhinoplasty surgery, along with their parents. During this initial consultation meeting, Dr. Freeman discusses the details and possibilities of teen rhinoplasty surgery in-depth. He wants to ensure both the teen and their parents understand the risks of this surgery and wants them to weigh all the pros and cons before making a decision to have teen rhinoplasty surgery. It is very important that the teen have realistic expectations from the surgery and that the parents be prepared to deal with the recovery and after care. Honest, forthright communication between the surgeon, the teen and the parents is absolutely essential.

It is important to meet with Dr. Freeman before deciding upon teen rhinoplasty surgery. Give him a call to schedule an appointment at his Charlotte NC clinic, The Center for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery to discuss teen rhinoplasty surgery.