Discover what you need to know about teens and nose jobs

Teenagers and nose jobs are something Charlotte, NC parents may have a lot of questions about. If your teen has requested to have work done to their nose, you may not know if that’s possible or even a good idea for your child. Discover some common questions and answers when it comes to teenagers and nose jobs.

Q. Can my teenager even have a nose job?
A. Yes, but your teen must meet some requirements. It is essential to make sure the nose is fully developed before undergoing a nose job. Typically girls must be over the age of 15 to have the procedure done, while boys must be over the age of 17. Your doctor will be able to advise if your teen is a candidate for a nose job.

Q. Is it common for teenagers to have a rhinoplasty procedure?
A. As a parent, it is common to want to know if teenagers and nose jobs are common. It is not an unheard of request. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were 30,246 rhinoplasties performed on patients between the ages of 13 and 19 in 2015.

Q. Why would my teenager want a nose job?
A. When it comes to teenagers and nose jobs, there are many reasons your teen may want a nose job. Just like adults, their reasons will be unique to them. They may want to correct a perceived flaw such as a bump in the bridge of the nose or make their nostrils smaller which can improve their self esteem. Or, they may have a medical condition that a nose job can fix such as a deviated septum. Whatever the reasons, be sure to discuss with your teen why they are requesting a nose job and what they hope to achieve with the procedure.

Q. How do I go about finding the best surgeon for my teen?
A. When it comes to teenagers and nose jobs, you want to be sure that the best surgeon is operating on your child. When looking for a surgeon, be sure to look for a few key things.
1.) Make sure they are board certified, not just licensed. A board certified physician has undergone additional training and practice.
2.) See how experienced they are. Take a look at how many years they have been in practice. You’ll want to be sure you find an experienced doctor.
3.) Take a look at the pictures on their website to see if you, and your teen, like the results he’s given other people. If you don’t like them on others, keep looking.
4.) Lastly, see if you feel comfortable with them and in their facility. When you meet for your consultation, make sure both you and your teen feel comfortable and at ease both with the doctor and in the facility.

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