Talk with your child about teen rhinoplasty

Suppose you have a son or daughter in Charlotte, NC who wants teen rhinoplasty.

The first question is whether this child is old enough. A candidate for teen rhinoplasty should be seventeen, if a boy, or fifteen if a girl. Any younger than that, and the nasal tissues are still growing, so rhinoplasty should be performed only in response to disfiguring injuries — the success of a nose job depends on the ability to make very fine adjustments in living tissue, and those adjustments won’t last if the tissue is growing.

The next question is why your child wants this surgery. If he or she is having it done because some friend or boy/girlfriend suggested it, that’s not a good sign. If he or she has felt for a long time that his or her nose was too big, too small or the wrong shape, that’s very much like a decision an adult would make, and your child is more likely to be happy with the results of surgery.

Helping your son or daughter through the steps of teen rhinoplasty

The hardest part about teen rhinoplasty preparation and recovery is that it requires great physical discipline from your child at the point in his or her life when he or she most chafes against discipline of any kind. For the two weeks prior, this means noaspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E or certain herbal supplements.

During the recovery, you need tomake sure your child drinks a lot of fluids and gets a lot of sleep, keeping his or her head elevated to reduce swelling. (Getting a teenager to go to bed is hard enough under normal circumstances.) For the next few weeks, your child should try to avoid heavy exercise, bending over or wearing glasses or pullover sweaters, and should also try to keep his or her nose out of the sun. But what’s absolutely essential is that he or she avoid anything that might cause a respiratory ailment. This will mean keeping contact with friends to a minimum (other than online contact, which is perfectly fine) and washing his or her hands often.

Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon

Dr. Sean Freeman is the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Charlotte today. He has been certified by two different boards of surgery, the American Board of Otolaryngology (head and neck surgery) and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Since 1988 he has concentrated on his specialty — facial plastic surgery, including nose jobs. Many of his patients have already gotten nose jobs from other surgeons and are seeking revision rhinoplasty to improve them. If you or your son or daughter lives in or near Charlotte and wants teen rhinoplasty, schedule an appointment or online consultation today.