Teen rhinoplastyTeen rhinoplasty  may be more common than you think
Teen rhinoplasty may seem like a strange to Charlotte, NC parents. If your child comes to you wanting a nose job, you may not know how to react or that if any other parents have had this issue come up. But, teen rhinoplasty isn’t as uncommon as you think. In fact, per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 85,000 teens had a nose job in 2017, making it one of the most popular plastic surgeries for teens.

Teens may want a nose job for many reasons
If your child wants a nose job, it’s a good idea to discuss with them why they want to have the surgery. Some teens may want it for cosmetic reasons such as removing a bump in the bridge of the nose or making the nostrils smaller, but that’s not the only reasons teens may want surgery. Others may have a deviated septum stemming from an injury that is impacting their breathing. Others still, may have broken their nose, and it didn’t heal properly. BY understanding why your child wants teen rhinoplasty, you can help manage their expectations.

Before surgery, your child will need a consultation
The first step to teen rhinoplasty is to have a consultation with your surgeon. During this meeting, the doctor will examine your teen to make sure they are finished growing and are able to have rhinoplasty. Then, they’ll discuss your teen’s goals and develop a surgical plan. During this consultation, be sure to ask any questions you have.

Your teen will need some time off work and activities to recover
After teen rhinoplasty, your child will need some time off school, if it’s in session, and activities to recover. Immediately following surgery, it’s a good idea to keep the head elevated to help relieve swelling. The swelling and bruising will remain for a week or two, but will slowly start to fade.

It’s also essential to protect the nose while it heals. This means, staying inside to avoid sneezing triggers like sunlight and allergens. Your teen will also need to be careful when putting on clothing or taking them off and may want to consider button up clothing for a few weeks. Lastly, be cautious when putting on makeup or wearing glasses so you don’t hit your nose on accident.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
Charlotte, NC area teens and parents who are considering teen rhinoplasty should contact Dr. Sean Freeman. Dr. Freeman brings years of experience and has performed rhinoplasties for any teens. Contact his office today to learn more, or to schedule your first consultation.