Teen rhinoplasty is available in Charlotte with the most experienced facial plastic surgeon in the Southeast.

Teen Rhinoplasty- nose jobs are not just for adults:
Teen rhinoplasty? Many parents would laugh if their child asked for a Nose Job! First of all, parents see it as fixing a problem that, because the teen body is still developing, may not be a problem in adulthood. Secondly, it is surgery, and for any surgery, the benefits must outweigh the risk. If the nose job is desired for cosmetic reasons, parents need to consider the self-esteem of the teen, and every teen is different. Many parents would agree that if a simple nose job would significantly boost their teen’s confidence, then that is a good thing. And knowing that the most experienced Teen Nose Surgeon in the Southeast, Dr. Sean Freeman, is right here in Charlotte makes this decision that much easier!

When teen rhinoplasty is not cosmetic
Rhinoplasty revision helps many teenagers with breathing problems. Based on a teen’s development, breathing issues may be caused by structural issues in the nose. And these can be safely corrected. A different problem may look like this: you may have a Football Star who took the team to State and now has a nose that looks nothing like it used to look! Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces in Charlotte can correct these issues.
Something to think about: surgeries to address structural issues, in the nose or elsewhere, are easier to correct in younger patients. So, time under anesthesia and recovery time are both lower in younger patients. If you or your teenager are considering rhinoplasty revision, the sooner, the better.

Only Faces- your best option for Teen Rhinoplasty
Charlotte’s best rhinoplasty surgeon is Dr. Sean Freeman. Since 1988, he has been developing techniques and procedures to make rhinoplasty safe with natural-looking results. Curious? Check out the teen gallery of before and after pictures to see what experience can do! No rhinoplasty surgeon in the Southeast has more experience than Dr. Freeman of Only Faces of Charlotte.