Teen nose jobin Charlotte NCA teen nose job for the tip of the nose

(The following is a dramatization.)

Mackenzie had wanted a teen nose job almost since before she was a teen. Specifically, she wanted an operation on the tip of her nose, to reduce its size and improve its shape.The tip of her nose was a little large compared to the rest of it, and it drooped—not very much, but enough that you could notice it. It was hard for her to spot when she looked at it in the mirror, but when her friends (and non-friends) saw her face in profile, they couldn’t miss it.

The good news was that at fifteen, she was just barely old enough to get a teen nose job in Charlotte, NC. Even though in this surgery the bones of her nose would be left completely intact, along with much of the cartilage, her facial plastic surgeon still preferred to leave a teen’s nose alone until it had finished developing.

Preparing for the operation and recovery

Mackenzie didn’t get a lot of chances to drink and hadn’t taken up smoking, so quitting those things beforehand and staying off them wouldn’t be a problem. She also didn’t wear glasses. There was a list of dietary supplements she was also supposed to avoid.

Since the bones weren’t going to be affected, her nose would heal much faster than it would with a more extensive operation. This was good. During the healing phase, a lot of things could go wrong that would affect the ultimate outcome of the teen nose job.

She would still have to wear a cast on her nose for at least a week. Since the tip was the part most in danger, she would still have to avoid wearing any T-shirts she’d have to pull over her head. She’d also have to stay out of the sun — with her nose numb, it would be vulnerable to sunburn in summer, which would affect how it healed. Also, her surgeon advised her against wearing sunglasses until her nose was healed.

Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon

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