How to get through the recovery from a teen nose job

So you’ve decided to get a teen nose job. This was a big step, you’ve probably had to wait a while until you’re old enough, and you want to make absolutely sure it’ll work for you. That means there are certain rules you need to follow when going through the recovery. You can’t control what happens in the doctor’s office, but what happens during the weeks and months afterward is up to you. Bear in mind that some of what you’ll have to do will involve preparing before the operation.

Rule One: Don’t touch your face

After your Charlotte, NC teen nose job, and especially during the first few days, the bone and cartilage in your nose are going to be extremely fragile. Resist any impulse to bring your hands anywhere near your nose. You should also make a point of not letting anything else touch your nose. This includes pullover sweaters and other garments that might put pressure on it. It also includes glasses, so if you wear glasses, learn to use contacts as soon as you can.

Rule Two: Don’t socialize in person

Maybe your parents and teachers have given you a hard time for interacting more over your smartphone than face to face, but during your recovery is when being used to this sort of thing will pay off for you. The danger is that if you meet someone in person, you’ll catch a cold or the flu and start sneezing, which would be disastrous at this point. (This is another reason not to bring your hands in contact with your face — that’s a major cause of the flu.)

Rule Three: Take care of yourself

Get lots of sleep after the teen nose job, and try to keep your head elevated while you’re doing it. If you can sleep in a recliner, do so, using a neck pillow to support your head. Stay out of the sun, both so you won’t need sunglasses and so you won’t sunburn your nose. Be sure to eat regular and healthy meals and not too much in the way of salty snacks. Take the medicine your surgeon prescribes.

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