teen nose jobAdvice for teens seeking nose jobs

First, teen nose jobs are only available after a certain age — about 15 in the case of girls and 17 in the case of boys. This is so the facial bone and cartilage have time to finish developing, so that the surgeon can perform an operation and know it will stay that way. If you just need a teen nose job on the tip of your nose, it might be possible to have it done when you’re a little younger. Ask your surgeon if this is true in your case.

By now you’ve probably figured out that getting your parents off your back involves not just defying their orders, but doing everything you need to do without their input. In this case, that means talking to your surgeon about what you want and what you expect. You may learn a lot about yourself during this conversation. If your motives for getting a teen nose job turn out not to be what you thought they were, this is when it will come out.

Taking charge of your recovery

The other thing you need to do, of course, is get ready. You’ll need to spend some time alone at home recovering, so make sure you have enough books, movies and music on hand to entertain you. Also, if you wear glasses, now is the time to learn to wear contacts.

Managing the recovery from your nose job is another chance to prove your independence. The good news is that your job mostly consists of kicking back and relaxing — drinking plenty of fluids, getting lots of sleep, and keeping your head elevated during sleep to reduce swelling. Don’t do any kind of exercise that would raise the blood pressure in your head.

The bad news is that you can’t wear glasses and that you’re limited in what you can wear and who you can see. Don’t wear anything you have to pull over your head, like a T-shirt or sweater — it would put pressure on your nose. Keep physical contact with others to a minimum, so you don’t catch a cold. You might want to use photos to document your recovery online for your friends. This can be a great source of support.

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