Teen facial plastic surgery in Charlotte, for older teens, is much like other plastic surgery.

Can a teen choose cosmetic surgery? Part 2

Teen facial plastic surgery in Charlotte
Regarding more permanent procedures — and, in particular, rhinoplasty and cheek and chin implants — teen facial plastic surgery in Charlotte should wait until the teen’s features are in their adult form. This will be around age 15 in girls and age 17 in boys. And once again, you should be sure this is something the teenager has wanted for a long time and is not a sudden decision being made to impress a girl, please a boyfriend or imitate a celebrity.

Cheek implants can correct an asymmetry in the features and make the whole face more attractive. A chin implant can create an impression of decisiveness, trustworthiness and strength of character, although if the teen’s voice is still cracking, that will kind of blow it. As for rhinoplasty, what that usually does is to allow the nose to complement the other features rather than drawing attention away from them in a bad way.

The best time for any of these procedures is one that will allow the teenager to stay at home for a little while recuperating. Chin and cheek implants will involve a week or so of uncomfortable swelling, but this will pass. Rhinoplasty is probably the hardest to recover from, involving more fragile tissues, and will require more care on the part of the teenager to make sure it turns out right. In all cases, the teenager should not smoke, and (in the case of rhinoplasty) should avoid wearing glasses.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
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