Strong chin is often a desirable trait for Charlotte, NC patients who may undergo a chin implant to achieve the look they want.

A strong chin can help create a strong jawline
Strong chin is often a desired trait for many men in Charlotte, NC and across the world. Many women may also wish to have a more defined chin. The chin can help balance your face and can create a smooth jawline, traits many people find desirable. Some people may have a naturally smaller chin that they wish to strengthen to feel better about their appearance. Other people may notice the skin on their neck and along their lower face starts to sag as they get older. A strong chin can stretch this out and help contour your jawline.

A chin implant can help patients have a stronger looking chin
But many patients aren’t sure how to go about getting a strong chin. A chin implant is often a good option for people wanting to have a larger, more prominent chin. This procedure is a permanent solution as the implant will grow to become part of the chin, so having an open dialogue with your doctor about your expectations and what you want to accomplish is important.

When undergoing a chin implant procedure to get a strong chin, the doctor will make an incision in one of two places. They will either make the incision inside the mouth or under the chin. The doctor will determine the best location to make the incision following an evaluation. The surgeon will then create a pocket in the bone of the chin and insert the implant into the pocket. This implant will then grow to become part of your facial structure, giving you long lasting results.

Recovery generally takes a week
When recovering from surgery for a chin implant, it is important to follow doctor’s orders carefully. They probably will prescribe antibiotics that you will need to take before and after surgery. If your incision is made inside your mouth, it is very important to take the antibiotics to prevent an infection from occurring.

It is common to have some swelling and bruising after surgery as the incision area heals. Usually, these fade within a week to ten days. Stitches will generally come out within a week. It is a good idea to have someone who can stay with you for a day or two after surgery to help out if you need anything during your first few days of recovery. Most patients feel comfortable returning to work and activities in a week to ten days.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
Charlotte, NC residents who are considering a chin implant to help get a strong chin, consider meeting with Dr. Sean Freeman. Dr. Freeman is the area’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon and has focused on facial plastic surgery exclusively since 1988. Dr. Freeman is also double board certified meaning he has additional education and training. Be sure to schedule a consultation to see how he can help you get the look you want with the best results possible.