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Soof lift surgery differs from other forms of eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), which surgeons perform on the lower eyelid. One of the significant signs of old age along with crow’s feet is the falling of suborbic oculi fat (or SOOF) which is a small layer of fat under the eyelids.  This makes eyes seem more full than usual and creates a small swollen area underneath. If you see this, then you can read below and fins all you need to know about this procedure.

What causes signs of skin aging

When we age, the elasticity in skin diminishes. Regrettably, this sooner or later results in loose-fitting skin, which is even more apparent close by the eyes, mouth, neck, and chin. These issues give rise to the snowballing laxity of the skin.

Additionally, the prolapse of fat under the skin becomes evident.SOOF lift procedures are more invasive than other facial rejuvenation procedures, but the procedure itself is straightforward for a professional skilled facial plastic surgeon such as Dr. Freeman in Charlotte NC.

Various Soof lift procedures in Charlotte NC

Several procedures are intended to correct this problem. One of the first is to open the lower lid blepharoplasty.

Charlotte’s most experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon will make a small incision beneath the eyelashes of the lower lid. They then raise the skin so they can remove muscle and fat. This will take care of any wrinkles and puffiness, but when there is no SOOF, the results deliver a hollow look under the lower eyelid. SOOF can be replaced by depositswhich are taken from other areas around the body.This though isn’t always effective, and if it fails, it will result in corrective facial plastic surgery.

Creating the Soof in Charlotte NC

While many of these lower eyelid procedures don’t work effectively, it led to Dr. Freeman to come up with the Soof lift. Being the developer of this procedure, it is understandable, he knows more about this than any other person.

Being double board certified, Dr. Freeman has dedicated himself to developing better ways of performing many other plastic surgeries, and not only the Soof lift. Blepharoplastycreatesa healthier and more youthful look in the middle of the face.

Charlotte NC plastic surgery procedures are better performed where they were developed.

It makes a lot of sense to visit Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to make sure your Soof lift procedure goes smoothly. There is no reason for any resident who is seeking this procedure to travel away from the area.

Recovery times can be spent at home without any travel, so being relaxed and comfortable makes the entire process bearable. To begin the procedure, you can contact Dr. Freeman at ‘Only Faces,” and he’ll be more than happy to schedule in for an initial consultation.